Fix your game. XB1

I literally have never ever EVER registered my email and created an account to feedback on a game before. This game needs so much work done on it with the way it is currently, this game is so stupidly ridiculously hard for no reason, I can’t even complete a single act on RECRUIT with a full team. What’s the deal? Why would you put out a game where it is literally impossible to even complete a single mission successfully. Fix it.

Is this for real?
Are you saying the game is hard because of bugs or just hard in terms of gameplay?
The difficulty is fine.
You just started playing(I am going to assume). Give it some time, level up, get your item power up, learn the mechanics.
Cant expect to be awesome from day one.


Naw man, he gameplay itself is wayyyyy too difficult as it is right now. I tried playing for like 6-8 hours as soon as it finished installing and have not been able to complete a single task with a team of 4. The “special” enemies use attacks that are impossible to escape from unless a teammate comes for you, there simply aren’t enough healing potions or bandages laying around for the amount of enemies and fighting you do, the mini bosses are way too insanely strong, way to fast, and way to tanky. I’m playing on RECRUIT and can’t complete a mission? That’s unacceptable, I haven’t noticed any bugs, the gameplay itself is just way to stupid hard.

Well my friend…the large majority of the community(IMHO, as I certaintly dont speak for everyone)disagrees.
Every single special is avoidable. Packmasters(guys that hook you), gutter runners(assassins) and leeches(guys that grab you with projectile spell)can all be dodged.
Bosses you need to learn their move set and learn to dodge and kite.
Again, you need to level up so you can increase your damage and be able to access some talents.
Get better gear to get your item power and thus total power level up.
There is an overabundance of healing items on Recruit.
Learn to block and dodge. You cant just run around and hit things. You need to mitigate damage while maximizing your damage output. Its a rhythm sort of a balance.
You need to get some time in game to get a feel for it. Learn the enemies move set and animations.
Learn to use the weapons. For example…block canceling.
Play to your teams strengths and weaknesses. Too many tanky classes, switch to a DPS. No good ranged, switch to ranged etc…
Watch some guides.



lol, it might be harder on xbox, cause, you know… gamepads suck? Keyboard and mouse all the way xD

The game is seriously, extremely easy on Recruit. Recruit is a walk in the park… you don’t even have to be semi competent to clear recruit games? I remember when my wife got this game for me in early beta, I had no clue what I was doing and still asked to increase the difficulty. We went to veteran as soon as we had enough hero power because of how boring recruit was. Can’t you go down like 5 times before you die on recruit? And there’s no friendly fire on anything below champion, you can solo bosses with melee weapons… it’s a joke. I went back to recruit to help a friend who just got the game recently. I went with the elf and equiped the glaive, I could run forward without stopping lol. Just spam left click xD That was most likely due to my hero power and stats, but still.

I would suggest watching some youtube videos for tips and tricks.


Yea, y’all obviously aren’t playing it on console bc it’s literally impossible to dodge everything when you’re being mobbed by 30 people at the same time

And how am I expected to level up and get better gear when I can’t complete any quests?

I suggest you look up a few guides on YouTube, the game can be very hard if you do not understand the core mechanics. I think you will find the game more enjoyable after doing so. Even on legend, runs can go smooth if you know what your doing.


As far as I know only difference between PC console is input devices and framerate.
I would imagine spawns etc… are similiar.
You can still dodge when dealing with a horde…
And really…30 low tier mobs ain’t nothin.
Watch some guides(I might suggests jsats “today I learned”) and give it some time.

You still get exp from losing. So ya can still level up albeit slowly.


Well, heres an interesting thing to consider, we know that on PC enemy spawn density is based on the hosts CPU, maybe its a little super charged on consoles currently? I haven’t tried it so I can’t say but food for thought.

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8 hours? People still mess up with 800. You have to learn and learn and learn and when you think you know everything there is to know about the game there will always be something else. You can dodge all special disableres like the assassin , leech and hook even just spamming dodge if you’re on a dodge character . The other ones that don’t disable are easy to shoot and kill easily. You need to learn how to play before you ask for a fix. Running head first in to every enemy and getting surrounded whilst still moving forward and agroing even more stuff and spawning bosses while you’re dodging specials and avoiding stuff is not how you play. You have to deal with one problem at a time and backtrack if things get out of hand so you don’t agro new enemies. This is a small yet super useful tip I’m giving you but there is so much more to learn. If you’re getting wrecked on recruit I’d suggest learning the best combos on your melee weapons and block cancels etc. whilst having a decent ranged weapon to deal with specials.

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I’ve played on console and the hardest thing is aiming generally with ranged weapons , everything else is pretty much the same. Relearning the controls took a little time too.


I’m sure you can remap the buttons on the controller to make it easier to dodge if it’s on a weird button.

Wouldn’t console be even easier then? They don’t have “great” CPU’s, do they? And aren’t they capped at 30 FPS?

I’m playing it on xbox and have completed half of the maps ont he hardest difficulty (Legend) already, and can bot solo most of the maps on Champion. Sorry dude, but it is you and not the game. I can agree that this game is not for the casual players tough, I had a difficult time to learn it back when I started with the first game, but if you keep playing, you’ll get better. Look up jsat’s video guides on youtube, that can help a lot.

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The game is difficult on purpose, and you’re expected to lose some runs at the beginning. Even myself and two friends of mine, all with hundreds of hours in VT1, failed 2-4 of our first runs in VT2. Once you get the first few levels and the Hero Power that comes with it, and learn how weapons and other basic stuff really works, you start actually winning. Just don’t be too greedy, and have patience.

A word of warning though: The jumps between difficulties are quite steep too. So practice running the lower difficulties with full books and Deeds (if possible) first, and then try the next one.

If you want to actively teach yourself the game, see J_sat’s videos in Youtube (or Twitch) or find someone to coach you in-game.

This game isn’t really casual friendly unfortunately brother, you’re going to have to learn mechanics and what not for a while before you’re ready for stuff like champion. Playing on controller is probably harder also because slow aiming

Oh mate … chill out , use your block and dodge permanently. The game is about reactions. Spare your ammunition for specials and Stick together with your team.

If you’ve Problems with your eyes or youre just old, the game is maybe to fast then Yeah… otherwise everyone on the world could play till champion difficulty.

The Controller shouldnt be a problem too. My gf plays with it on the PC and i even tested it. It’s just a lil bit of an input lag, but still playable even on legend.

As an Xbox One player who regularly plays on Legend, I really cannot agree that the game is so broke that Recruit is impossible.

And yet there are tons of people who complete Legend with ease. It’s not the games fault that you’re new. Watch some videos, streams, etc. and practice. You know, that thing you do to get better at something? Or are you used to participation trophies?

V1 was easily playable with controller and i didnt have any problems playing with controller at the release of V2, even so i switched to keyboard + mouse for more efficiency. I dont like to say it, but this is simply a case of “git gud”.

Learn how to block, to dodge, to attack efficiently, to kill Specials immediately. The game may be hard at first, but it will get easier, believe me.

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