Resing and holding an ULT does not work. Walking is choppy

there are two issues which are probably connected…

  1. When I walk (in the lobby or in the game) the character makes every 2nd or 3rd step slower than usual and then speeds up the forthcoming step. Walking is choppy and inconsistant. Other players do see me walking normaly. It feels like the connection has problem with loading every 3rd step and then speeds up the other.
  2. I cannot hold my carrier ability nor res. anyone. When I hold down F button with for example Bountyhunter, it shoots immediately so it makes impossible to aim properly. Same with any other class which can “hold” their abilities. Same thing with res-ing other players… the bar loads like half of the res bar and then drops.
    Both of theses issues are occuring permanently for past few months and did not exist before.
    I have checked for corrupted files and I have re-installed the game. I am a legend/cata player so not knowing how to play is not an issue. My internet connection is stable and pretty quick… furthermore, none of these issues occur in any other game I play whatsoever.

Hi @Struhadlo, I’ve responded to your support ticket.

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