Weapon swap/Blitz/animations not working correctly

Issue Description:
There seems to be an issue with animations or actions or the queueing of them. It’s hard to describe what exactly is not working correctly, this is an issue since Patch 15.

Actions like reloading, weapon swapping, ADS, even shooting, and Blitz attacks sometimes don’t register properly or have a weird delay to them. When this happens you have to press Q several times until your weapon gets swapped or hit F multiple times to activate the Blitz (very noticable on Zealot Charge and Vet Shout).

The new Vet keystone that encourages you to weapon swap frequently makes it also apparent that this happens when swapping from melee to ranged, trying to shoot into a horde once then swapping back. In this combo it’s mostly the shot that will get stuck in animation hell and not occur as smoothly (or at all) as prepatch.
Same for switching to melee and blocking.

This issue can also happen with melee weapon combos, melee weapon special activation (Power Sword charge), block/riposte attacks, causing combos to be broken or end abruptly.

When using ADS and shooting it also feels kinda “clunky” as if the gun gets stuck to the ADS position for longer than it should, like you already stopped pressing RMB but the gun is not being lowered yet, making it feel like you’re having frame drops although the frame rate is consistent.

You can think of the issue like your actions share a global cooldown or all actions suddenly require stamina but when you’re caught at 0 stamina you have to wait for a split second to regnerate a minimum amount of stamina until you can use an action other than walking, that’s what it feels like and it wasn’t like that before.

Steps to Reproduce:

Just play a map at Heresy or above HISTG I guess.
I’m currently mostly using shotguns and the issue was very apparent there, but I heard from other players they encountered this on other weapons as well, so it’s probably a general problem.


Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
since Patch 15

Reproduction Rate:
Once - Rare (<10%) - Unusual (<25%) - Common (<50%) - Often (<75%) - Constant (100%)


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