Rerolling items

Please, add a button that will unequip an item on EVERY hero, so i can easily reroll/upgrade/salvage etc. It’s very annoying, having to search through every subclass in order to unequip an item every single time. Thank you.


Currently there are tons of things that are wrong with the inventory/crafting menu but it works at least. My guess is that the developers will prioritize fixing crashes and other game breaking mechanics like the whole skittergate (already done), and after that they will try to fix all the broken talents and weapons with phantom swipes. So I wouldn’t get my hopes up for quality of life things like this one. It will probably be faster to wait for when mod support comes and the community takes care of all these small but annoying details.

Im not getting my hopes up, it is just something to think about. It will probably come with mods, yes, but it’d be nice if they make it native.

And making sure that rerolling traits actually rerolls the trait. Way too often I reroll a trait and get the same one as I had before.
I am not sure but I think the upgrading weapons with illusion bug got fixed at least, which was the worst one due to losing an item.

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