Requisitorium shouldn't have 400power weapons

We spend horus doing those grindy missions
Shop refreshes once a day
FULL rng. No chase, just dumb luck

Gold weapons with 420 rating and 306 stat rating.

Does anything else see a problem with this?

Solution: Make all Requisitorium weapons have 380 stat rating.
And not 420 100 of which are taken by perks/traits.


I run 4 characters for all 4 classes, I have given up on the Melk shop entirely as doing contracts is not feasible, so I don’t care either.

I don’t care either and have given up on it.

But it’s just another system that just doesn’t cut it and could easily do with a single tweak to a float somewhere in the code.

I have found a grand total of 1 weapon at 380 base stats at Melk’s and it was combat axe for my veteran.

If the Requisitorium had 380 weapons it would actually be worthwhile doin the weeklies. But yea, random 320 weapons aren’t worth it.

Currently the main value is seeing a gear with blessings you want when they implement the system that allows you to pull blessings from gear. Since most of the Requisitorium gear has max ranked blessings.