Suggestion for Melk's requisitorium

Melk’s requisitorium is kind of useless in the endgame right now. I’ve not been able to find a worthy item I actually wanted to buy. The only purpose this shop serves at the moment is to get some orange/purple items if you have literally none yet.

Here’s a screenshot of a current tab I got. Best item in requisitorium VS a force sword with mediocre rolls (traits are the real prize on this one).

So here’s my suggestion. In addition to the current functionality, we could have a new tab added. A tab that would contain weapons/curios of white rarity but with high (at least 370, preferably higher) base stats and actually decent rolls. Set the price for these higher than a regular weapon, 3-5k or whatever have you.

This way,
1. Melk’s requisitorium becomes actually useful and all the weekly grind pays off
2. Community gets a way to reliably find decent equipment they can later upgrade

I’d like to be able to request a specific weapon type/curio type and have him stock at least 1 guaranteed spawn of that in his shop. Maybe I’d care about the weekly currency more then.