Requirements for Legendaries (Red Items)

Yes you can extract illusions from red weapons.
You can also get duplicates.

So far after 300 hours I got 7 red weapons on the dwarf :

  • 2 grude-rakers
  • 2 handguns
  • 1 Drakefire Pistols
  • 1 Drakegun
  • 1 Dual-Axes for Slayer

Personally, I never got any red before getting all my chars to level 30 with item power 300.
I got most of them from legend runs and you CAN get reds from soldier, merchant and even commoner’s chests.

I usualy got 1 red out of 10 chests

Also since 1.0.5 they said they increased drop rates for reds but I opened 24 chests and so far no luck.



i have opened about 100 legend chests but no reds still. i wish i had more time to play, lol. especially now that they increased the droprate.

Hi. I can confirm that Veteran items can drop in Champion - General chests. I do not have a screenshot of it, but that’s where I got my Younger Fleissman Fire Sword weapon from Sienna.

You can’t get Veteran items from Commendation chests, but you can get Cosmetic items from them.

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I got a cosmetic item from the free commendation chest you get when you first log in and haven’t even played a game, so I think they’re possible anywhere, just really rare :stuck_out_tongue:

They do not always have illusions that glow.

Here is a red bow I got from a emperors chest on champion. And from what I can tell, Champion boxes have higher chance of getting reds. I’ve only got them from Champion games.


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Continuing the discussion from Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.0.5 - Patch Notes - Updated & Hotfixed:

They talked about veteran items(reds) back in patch 1.0.5 when they adjusted drop rates and the chests they are supposed to pop out of.

No. I believe commendation boxes are the only ones that can drop cosmetics though.

They never disclosed drop rate chances. No one but Fat Shark knows them for certain. People just run tests in the hopes of getting a ballpark idea of what they are.

Numerous people have reported getting reds much earlier than that.

This is assumed, as there is a level barrier in place for greens/blues/oranges.

I’m not sure if anyone knows what level you would “unlock” the ability to get reds. It’s probably safe to assume a barrier exists for it like the other colors. I doubt the chances change at all because of your level(E.G. from 25-30). In my experiences, I have only noticed a change in quality of loot due to tier of chest acquired. E.G., opening vaults(Legend) seems to render mostly blues and oranges. In Champion, greens appear more often. In Veteran, greens and whites appear even more frequently.

Just to clarify: Veteran items/Reds can be found from Champion General and Emperor chests, as well as any and all Legend vaults.

All reds are supposed to have illusions with glowing modifications. There is currently an issue where several items do not have any illusion/skin at all. I believe Fat Shark was made aware of this a while back. Hopefully they didn’t forget.

I can also confirm the above.

You can have an item have different red illusions. E.G., I have 2 different red versions of Sienna’s mace. They seem to just be glowing rune variations of existing illusions.

Earliest i’ve seen someone get a red is level 14, but it was an alt, they already had someone at cap, earliest I have seen someone get a red without having anyone at cap was level 20, lowest power I have seen someone get a red was when they were finding items of around 140 power. Generally speaking I imagine if you can / are running champion there is a chance for reds to drop from general / emps boxes, and that chance is increased when you run legend.

But what power did those reds have?

Red items are always 300 power with all properties maxed regardless how many times you reroll them. I had a mate of mine get a red tonight in a champion game. He only has a BH at lvl 30 and kruber at 11. He has no other classes leveled and his items from chests are no where near 300 hero power.

So did he instantly promote his item drop/craft power to 300, or does he keep getting his 200 power items in chests, if not lower?

I had my first red while my max item power was ~250 after red drop I was still getting ~250.

From what he said, it didn’t change his item power level gain. He was still getting items with around the same hero power as before he got the red from all his chest he opened after. I think the hero power of items you get from chests depends on how many characters you have to level 30. My elf was lvl 60 and still getting items below 300 power from chests. But as soon as I leveled other chars to 30, the hero power from items in chests went up.

No, it depends on the best item you have ever had. The devs clearly stated it somewhere a couple of times even. And I personally witnessed it in practice - I stacked about 70 commendation chests and instantly got from 200 power to, well. about 270 power by opening them.

But red items seem to not affect your power progression, that’s it.

That’s can’t be correct XD I had my wife save all her chests until lvl 15 and then 30 on her first char. And her first chest was way above starting values, her second wave of chests again was way higher. I’m pretty sure it’s based on character lvl’s. Also, lvl 30 chars seem to get way more orange items in their chests then lower levels. I purposely left saltyboi on lvl 7 just so I can open chests with him for green items. As 2 out of 3 of the items are normally orange on my elf.

How item quality is determined.

Reddit: 1, 2, 3.

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That’s very interesting. I’m still not convinced from my own experience. Even now, every chest I open is 297-300 hero power. If it went up by +10/-10 per item level, why can’t I get items from 290-300? Nothing is below 297-300. Again, my wife didn’t open any chests and her first ones were way above starting value. At least what she showed me.

But none the less, Reds don’t seem to affect hero power at all.

That’s how engame content work. You’re just capped. But before level 300 that’s woked just like that. Except for the +/-10 part maybe. The max I’ve seen was +5.

i got mine from champ general and emp , i have 2 reds total and a playtime of 250+ hours . Also yesterday i found my first cosmetic Elf horned mask. That is quite frustrating actually.
I dont play legend cuz im not super good and havent got OP build knowledge or simply cuz im not doing that with randoms and i have no mic so i dont want to be a drag on the team.

Im a bit puzzled why the game is so horribly stingy with these things its not like it has much to offer when u have all your chars at 600 power …so a bit more generous once u reached that level would be appreciated for doing emperors on champion (where chests contain crap loot more often than not anyway)

I got a red from a soldiers chest the other day which I received from a deed. I’m guessing they drop from all chests in Legend? I had only ever got them from Emperor or Generals chests in Legend. Is the drop rate of reds the same in legend for all chests? Or does Emperors have an increased chance? If not, might as well speed run and ignore grims.

I got my first red from the first COMMENDATION chest I opened after hitting level 30 on one hero. All other characters are below level 30.

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