Request : give us access to the shop for all our characters

Having to switch from one character to the other just to check on the shop items gets old fast.
Enough to have the player take their distance from the game after some long hours played.

It seems an evidence we should be able to access the shop for all the player’s characters when we do with one.
Make it happen please.


More of a “let our 5 convicts share the same weapons/curios pool” that way you share the shop and special shop too.

Ofcourse put a big visual * when your currect convict cannot use or buy said weapon/curio due to not meeting the level/unlock requirements.

Yeah, It would be swell but even if they don’t want to move from that.

Having access to all character’s shop directly is really something that will keep the players engaged and not burn out of the game because of the sheer repetition of a login process done 4 times per hour every time you play a session.

Clocking 200 hours since open beta, it definitely gets to me.

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“Not having four loadscreens to visit the shop for each of your operatives doesn’t fit the theme of the game”

Also it boosts ingame playtime numbers B)