A suggestion to make the Armoury Exchange a better experience

If someone wants to maximize gear progression on his characters, he has to check the Armoury Exchange every hour on ALL of his operatives. With 4 characters at lvl 30, I feel like I spend more time re-logging between operatives than actually playing the game. This is tiresome and completely unnecessary.

I understand a solution that would let you shop for all of your characters without re-logging would be technically complex. Here is a relatively simple suggestion that would fix most of the pain, while also making the gearing progress more smooth for people who don’t have to time to log-in every hour. All the while not simply giving us the items we want, which would also be bad.

Allow players to refresh the shop, a limited amount of times. The refresh button could have charges, each character can get a charge every hour, and store, let’s say, a maximum of 12 charges.

What does this solve? The hardcores don’t have to obsessively log-in every hour (4 times!) to check
the Armoury Exchange. They can instead play the actual game, and check the armoury at the beginning/end of their gaming session. The people with jobs will be more motivated to log-in at least once a day to check the armoury, using their refresh charges, and not be penalized.