Simple improvements to the Armory Exchange

Since Blessings of the Omnissiah, and thus both the nerf to the rarity of the items therein and the inclusion of Brunt’s Armory, the armory just feels like something you check from time to time in hopes of buying a weapon with decent base stats, making it feel somewhat pointless. I have some simple suggestions to improve it.

1. Refresh the shop after each completed mission, rather than every hour.
2. Buff the base stats of the items within to compensate for fewer refreshes.
3. Make the rarity of the items within affected by the difficulty of the mission completed.

Yes, I know management wants players to log in every hour to check the shop, but bear with me here.

These changes would both reward actually playing the game (which the current shop doesn’t), which is presumably something you want, and reward attempting harder missions, which will both pull players deeper into the game and gives further agency to the players in the rate of their progression.

In a dev blog you once said the shop was meant to replace the chests of Vermintide, letting you choose your own reward, and I believe these changes align perfectly with that vision, while also alleviating some of the frustration with the progression system by giving you more agency of the loot you receive.