Connect "Change Operative" room to the main hub (less loadings)

Simple suggestion with a high quality of life change.

I believe the main hub is fully loading each time you load the “Change Operative” scene, which takes quite some time when you want to check the merchants after the hourly reset.

I would suggest to connect the “Change Operative” room to the main hub to avoid such loadings (or make it an invisible room in the hub ?).

Edit: this suggestion also applies to every “scene” if doable.


+1, I hope it’s doable from backend perspective (in Vermin the character change is almost instant)

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I agree, this is a much much needed quality of life change for anyone playing more than one class.

Maybe even better solution is to be able to shop as other characters directly from the shop, so one doesn’t even need to leave shop screen to switch and check others.

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Simply have no nonsensical split inventory. One pool of dockets, resources and gear. If the shop stays (still in need of reasonable crafting for meaningful gear progression that does not take projected decades to reach perfect gear, go visit the threads concerning this issue, folks :wink: ) you only would need one shop account wide then. AS IT SHOULD’VE BEEN FROM THE START, aye.

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