Request for a Graphics OPTIONS Overhaul

Before anything, the game engine you use is absolutely terrible, disgusting and blurry beyond any relief.
You can’t do anything about this now though, mostly because you’re traditional.
With that in mind, at the very least, please do make BETTER options for graphics.
How? I will tell you how.

So, how come there is no such thing as “Anisotropic Filtering”? Every game has it, even modern ones, yet you don’t.
And when I say “Anisotropic Filtering” I mean “Anisotropic Filtering”, not TEXTURE Filtering which is only merely somewhat similar, but the methods and applications are vastly different.

Ambient Light set to Low makes “Hunger in the Dark” less annoying to play. Great, here’s a graphics option that gives an advantage. You should just remove the “pitch-black darkness” gimmick once and for all, but that’s another story.

Volumetric Fog. What’s up with this option hogging performance? You should call it “Performance Vacuum” instead. I KNOW what it does, and the changes are vast, but the difference between “Lowest” to “Extreme” is ridiculous. “High” is already enough, but it does hog a lot, “Medium” is fine, but introduces nasty holes. Besides, is it really controlled by the GPU?

Exposure Speed. I have a better idea, how about an option to toggle it? I really, really, really hate this junk graphics detail. My eyes adjust themselves in real life and it’s annoying, I don’t want it to be simulated in a videogame. Please, just add an option to freaking disable this.

Post-Processing (oh boy)
Anti-Aliasing. Fine by me but why not add SMAA? It’s objectively the best PP-AA you can get, even if it’s somewhat weaker than FXAA or TAA, but the point is, it causes no blur. Your game is already excessively blurry.

Sharpness. What’s up with this? It looks to me it’s only there because of TAA and to some point FXAA. So, the game is blurry, you overcompensate that with this extreme Sharpen, but then it gets a lot more blurrier with FXAA and TAA, you yet again overcompensate it with Sharpen…
I have a better idea, make it into a slider instead. I want to make it as sharp as however I want, either too low, too much or best of all, the RIGHT amount. Your current setting doesn’t offer any of such.

SSAO. Well, I’m biased with SSAO, I hate this thing, so I just disable it. I’m surprised though that there is no HBAO setting.

Bloom. This is as bad as Sharpen. First of all, it’s not Bloom, it’s Bloom + Lens Dirt. The Bloom itself is not bad, maybe a bit too much, so add a slider for that. Meanwhile, for the Lens Dirt, remove it from Bloom and make it an option instead. I just can’t believe any sane person thinking Bloom with Lens Dirt is a good idea, let alone Lens Dirt being an obligatory PP to add when using Bloom.

Skin Shading. I still laugh heavily at how you guys are so incompetent you can’t fix a simple issue with this shader, where the Handmaiden looks like a hungry blood-eyed vampire.
Colour & Lens Distortion. Great idea guys, let’s make a blurry game even blurrier. Thank whoever made it that for once he was sane enough to make it an option though. Still, I think adding more options to this wouldn’t be a problem, hell the Photo Addicts would appreciate it, they’re nice guys and gals.

Motion Blur. Yet again, I think a slider would be nice, but I personally don’t care, I hate this option with all passion.

I’m sure you won’t care or perhaps you will and take more than 5 years to finally do something, but at the very least do improve Sharpen and Bloom ASAP.


Hey, have you ever tried of asking things politely ? I mean, asking things with vitriol inside each sentence hardly get you any result either way. I don’t say it will get more result without, but it can improve your chances.


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