Rending reducing Stagger power

There is a bug in the stagger calculation regarding Rending.
What I believe is intended to happen is the rending modifier is doubled and then added to the stagger modifier.
What actually happens is the stagger modifier is multiplied by the Rending modifier and then doubled.
Example: 10% rending. Expected 120% stagger. Result 20% Stagger. This causes Rending below 50% to reduce stagger power.
Video test.
Ogryn special punch can stagger a mauler easily. After applying 15% Rending from Ripper gun blessing the Punch is no longer able to stagger.


Bumping because it has been a few months without a fix.

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Bumping again.

This line
stagger_strength = stagger_strength * rending_stagger_strength_modifier * rending_multiplier
stagger_strength = stagger_strength * (1 + rending_stagger_strength_modifier * rending_multiplier)

That’s all that needs to be done.


Indeed, this problem is also happening with other weapons, such as the veteran’s power sword.