Rending reducing +1 damage multipliers

Rending reduces the damage difference caused by armour types. If the damage happens to have a higher multiplier against a certain armour it will lower the damage dealt. Most notably on Unyielding/Resistant foes.
Example Bleeds have a very high multiplier on resistant. Rending reduces the bleed damage.

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Seems to me like the damage stat for the second weapon is just much, much lower.

Would a lower damage bar for the second weapon be responsible for increased bleeding damage?
I’m actually not sure if it is rending that is causing this. I don’t believe rending actually interacts with the unyielding type. Something is obviously weird though.

Oh, super sorry, I got the orders mixed up, I see. That said, I did notice that they’re different kinds of Ripper Guns (Mk V vs Mk II), I’ll look into whether that’s the cause or if there’s a bug somewhere.

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