What does '+10% Rending' mean?

Or, what does ‘+10% Impact’ mean? Seriously, I have no idea.
These types of keywords either need a tooltip to explain them, or a glossary that contains them.


Yep, I made a topic about this as well.

Nothing is explained, and in the Discord some people were told by a Fatshark employee to go to the training to test things out. That’s…not acceptable.


Rending is armor reduction, haven’t figured out impact yet

yeap i had to go and look this stuff up and whats even more irritating i tested rendering in the meat grinder and you dont even see a debuff just fairly inconsistently do more damage.


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Rend reduces enemy armour, resetting 5 seconds after the last rend stack was applied. I’m pretty sure impact is stagger level but that one is just supposition.

I believe that impact is the extent to which your melee attacks stagger mobs when they land.