Rending works wrong (minus instead of plus)

As far as i know…

The Rending supposed to reduce effectiveness of enemy’s armor on 5% per stack.
I have 2 plasama guns with close to similar stats. But damage vs armored enemies are different, and one with Rending actually does less.

78 damage 61 stopping power (107% damage vs flak), perk +3 rending
Real damage: 541 unarmored and 532 flak
79 damage 66 stopping power (110% damage vs flack), no perks vs flak or +damage
Real damage: unarmored 537, flak 544

So. Rending either work wrong (does minus instead of plus in this case), or does not work at all, or does so low effect, so I’m completely wrong with this thoughts.

Steps to Reproduce:
Test in psykanium vs mauler body

Mission Name (If Applicable):

pc steam

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steam name:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
10.12.2022? 5.59 am

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