Removing Naming Ambiguity

One thing I have noticed so far that quite annoys me is the fact that Penances are confusingly worded/filled with ambiguous names.

For example: I have recently achieved the “Nightmare Patrol” Penance, which requires me to “kill two of each type of Terror”. Which is surprising, as the game has not seen fit to award me the “Banishment” Penance, which requires me to “kill every type of Terror”. Either this is a bug or the game treats different things as Terrors for different Penances.

An easy fix would be to either change the wording of these Penances or to implement the feature used extensively in Vermintide 2s challenges: let us expand the challenge to see which enemies we are missing from the specific challenge, like for example the “Kill every type of Monster with a Grudge Mark as XY class” challenges in VT2.