Penance progress not clear

For some of the penance objectives we need to, for example, kill one of each enemy type. The UI indicates that you have x/y progress, but there’s no way to know which ones are done and which aren’t. Same for things like mission types etc. Would be really handy to have a list of the types/levels/etc with which are done and which you still need to do.


Some examples for op’s feedback

  1. Paise the God emperor → no list of levels that are missing.
  2. Doomseeker has an index (1). What comes after that? would be nice to know

I’d like to add:
Wording for the penances should be precise. Sometimes it is not hundred percent clear what is meant

  1. Abhor the Mutant: who is supposed to dash? The Zealot, The Mutant? Both?
  2. Using ThreatX or the Difficulty in wording (like ‘Malice or above’). I’d suggest keep it consistent and use one of the two.
  3. Give us the posibility to Track certain penances (i pin ‘The emperor protects’ and when i block 380 dmg in a horde and fail, i get a short notification ingame that i missed 20 dmg or so)

And One personal comment from myside: please proof read the wording and think about how any of this can be missunderstood. Sometimes i think i have explained my point very well to someone and then i get hit with the most basic question and i understood i failed to explain the most simple thing.


What is Terrors supposed to mean? At least here clearly one reference is at best unclear.

Oh and have a consistent punctation lol