Penances With Unclear Progress

I’m sure the actual problem that is current penance objectives has been talked to death, here as much as it has on reddit. That’s not what i’m here to talk about.

I’m here to report a bug, and talk about the penance UI.

First off, the bug: Psykinetic seems to have 2 separate penances with the same name, the only difference being the letter “o” in “Over” is capitalized or not.

Mind Over Matter- Complete 1 mission of each type on Pysikinetic
Mind over Matter - Level Psikinetic to 30

This is confusing and should be changed for general clarity.

The next part is the UI itself. Starting with the summary column, where you can click into different categories, each player class should be indented and have a different style of bullet point applied to it. I might even suggest the classes that are dropped down by expanding the “classes” section even be darker, showing of difference in those subcategories.

Next, why do I have a penance to completel 1 of each mission type, but the actual penance doesn’t tell me which missions i’ve already done?

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