Remove enemy cheapshot damage from the game

Damage from:

Lifeleech teleporting right next to you &
Stormvermin/Chaos warrior push

should do no damage since they are almost impossible to evade.


I definitely agree about the teleport damage.


Does the shield bash from Bardin or Kruber deal any damage? I don’t think it does. The same should apply to SV/CWarrior as well.

The specials where there is no counterplay never feels fun. It only feels cheap.


i wish they would make it so you can get out of hookrat/assassin/leech without the aid of a teammate. b/c sometimes i just wanna solo play without bots/randoms and if i get caught once i’m dead :*(

If it’s the same as Vermintide 1, the charged attack shield bash does damage, although minimal damage. Normal block+push does no damage.

20% hp on legend you have no chance to avoid. Just a joke.

Would love to see the dmg indicators being removed, when something doesn’t do dmg. More often than I like I’m panically disengaging because of it because I assumed I overlooked something.

I absolutely agree on the leech’s teleport damage.

But fo the pushes, I don’t think they do actual damage. They have the damage indicator though, and that is troubling.


The Chaos warrior kick and axe push does damage I think.


It does and it breaks the IB passive. Causes it to go on cooldown.

Push should just be a push, like in V1. It’s still dangerous as it can isolate you from your team… but it shouldn’t hurt you.

I totally agree.

you can, if you apply a dot on them or throw a bomb up in the air, somehow before you get grabbed.

also, for lifeleech, if you have damage reduction, you can actually survive the leech and get out of it

Agree, espcially with Leech teleport. Axe push and insta fist strike from CW should also not deal damage as they are almost impossible to react to.

I find it annoying that you cant deal damage with attacks that push enemies away, especially when you are using shield/weapon combination you get random shield bashes that deal 0 damage instead of charged attack. :expressionless:

Yeh i have no idea why that was added, it genuinely hurts a chunk when he teleports into you. REALLY bizarre design choice with that.

The shield bash does quite a bit of damage actually, but I think it only damages the first target hit or something, the rest just get knocked back.

I tried in on target dummies in your keep, when he uses sword it deals damage but when you hit it with shield it does nothing.:thinking:

Ingame I noticed, that I often hit stormvermin 5 times with shield and then one hit with sword and its suddenly dead.

Well dont know about that stinky midget shield bash, I tested it only with foot knight, because you know … old Kruber :heart:

Some attacks have no collision with the dummies, idk why. But I can assure you the shield bash does about as much damage as your other charge attacks, you should be able to one shot a clan rat with it. I kill stormvermin with it all the time on champ(my hero power is 600). Siennas firesword charge attack is the same. The hand smash doesnt hit dummies but it sets everything on fire in game and does plenty of damage.

Edit: I mostly have experience with Bardins axe and shield, but since other shields have the same shield bash move, I assume they are the same.

Yes on the leech, no on the warrior, learn an attack pattern for the warrior.

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Chaos Warrior kick and punch do damage but he only uses them as a “get off me” tool when he’s surrounded. He won’t do them if all 4 party members keep their spacing and don’t hug him.

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