Remove Campaign (base game, vanilla) weapon traits from Chaos Wastes

With the increased price for weapon swaps and upgrades, along with the conversion of ~all the good very good boons to restricted weapon traits (tempest, twin, anvil etc.), I feel the game would be a lot more fun with removing the base game weapon traits in Chaos Wastes.
Getting Heroic Intervention and Inspirational Shot for the umpteenth time is jut not fun.

P.S. It’s been well over a month for many bugs that can sap the fun out of a run, like new weapon traits being excluded incorrectly from certain weapons Chaos Wastes - Weapon Traits restriction


If they keep them, they should only appear on lower-tier weapons below orange, which, when upgraded receive one of the stronger traits that exist only in the wastes.


That goes a bit against the current design that the properties and trait are hard-linked to your current weapon and just get unlocked upon upgrading instead of being changed. This is probably in order to make people not “fearful” on upgrading for losing a trait/property they like, to make upgrading a more clear process and also to encourage weapon swapping if you want to have a new trait.

Of course that design could be changed, however I like how it currently is. That said, I could accept the campaign traits being removed from Chaos Wastes. CW traits are by design and intent more powerful than the campaign traits which makes some of them (like the two mentioned in the OP) stick out like a sour thumb. Actually, I can’t even remember if i ever got any of the other campaign traits since the Be’lakor update. But yea, removing all of the campaign traits is agreeable and would further differentiate the two modes.

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My CW runs are plenty cursed compared to that, Nurgle everywhere and Inspirational headshots or heroic intervention on every other weapon :sob: :sob: :sob:

It would be better to make the bad traits not bad instead.

I’m sorry is 300% increased barrel damage not good enough for you?


I love them with the cluster bomb explosive surprise. Helps me down my team faster on Slaan orb double barrel drops. I’d love it more if they worked on fire barrels too. /s

Not a trait?

You know, I don’t think Fatshark wants us to ignore the barrels, so they just made the barrel boon more damaging and added the one that spawns the mini-barrels in an attempt to make the boon effective.

Here’s what I propose, have the boon only increase the damage of barrels to enemies, not to the team. In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing a boon that makes it so barrels you ignite don’t damage the team or just make each barrel boon reduce the damage barrels do to the team by 50% while also retaining their intended effect against enemies.

This kind of logic just goes with what I’ve been thinking for a long time. Curses shouldn’t trigger talents or boons that trigger when taking damage. Team damage or shared damage boons shouldn’t trigger talents or boons that trigger taking damage. Likewise, damage bonuses from boons or traits shouldn’t apply increased damage to teammates or proc their abilities, etc.

Was a joke my man.

The idea is that perhaps blue or even green could get a campaign trait that stays the same if upgraded from green to blue. Then if you upgrade from blue to orange, you get chaos wastes only trait that stays if you upgrade from orange to red. That way, there is no fear that you’ll lose a valuable trait when upgrading. It also incentivizes upgrading to green or blue a bit more since as is, I usually skip green and only occasionally take a blue upgrade if I need a bit more power.