Removal of this weekly challenge in Sire Melk's Shop

As mentioned already, aside from the fact that this challenge detracts from co-operative play by separating friend groups that may get these types of challenges by forcing them to all play different maps, this is not even balanced on a rewards stand point either.

take a glance at this and it literally takes you 2 seconds to realize how imbalanced and untested this was in design
Screenshot 2022-11-27 030553

6 secondary objectives; which all 6 could theoretically be gathering Scriptures. This would require you to get 18 Scriptures in total. Not even in partial collection either, you need to get 3 at a time, or else you get zero credit towards this. As well as requiring a specific map to be played which gets boring fast as hell. All of that for 210 credits as the reward.

Compare that to only having to get 12, on any map, at any speed you want. Collect 3 at a time if you want, or just get 1 at a time if the mission is getting tough, your choice. Far easier of a requirement and being more respectful to the player in terms of how they want to play. All of that for a better reward of 250

Fatshark… it takes 2 seconds to see this design flaw, how did this make it to the public eye?


Pretty sure they stack, so if you collect a scripture on the map-specific mission you also get progress on the other.

Sure that might be the case if you had both, and it would only give you progress in the more broad collect scriptures mission unless you got all 3 like i said, Otherwise you get no progress for the first mission specific challenge.

but that doesnt change any of the facts ive brought up, still needs to be removed

I wouldn’t mind the dev team doing a pass on challenges. Completing the same level over and over isn’t as enthused of a challenge as it seems, and can definitely add to burnout when you’re doing the same thing time and time again. Should be more focused around gameplay and what you do during it.

For the sake of thread cohesion. Here are two other feedback threads that target the exact issue of this challenge being anti-teamwork and time hungry if multiple party members have it on different stages. You can reference them in your first post if you want, OP.

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I would really like something in this regard, because currently, I’ve had books spawn behind doors that literally CANNOT be traversed (spawn door with a little hallway, and no way to get back there, a collision wall). It’s INCREDIBLY upsetting, especially because I currently can’t re-roll it.

They are just mindnumbingly slow to address anything.
Don’t expect anything that would make the game good beyond the basic gameplay. This game goes the same way as Vermintide 2 with a total lack of features, interesting mechanics around the gameplay and QoL.

They are just too slow and stubborn to change their game despite all the feedback that was posted here.

It feels like contracts of that type indicates there was a different mission selection system at some point, and now they are still catching up to update interconnected systems to work with the core systems they changed.

Not to mention resource gather contracts are gone, and the relic collection secondary objective is missing too.

I’d expect that at some point there’ll be contracts where you have to do something in zones (Torrent, Chasm Station, Hourglass, Throneside, Metalfab) or mission types rather than specific missions, but they need to fix up a lot more other stuff too.

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I immediately re-roll the “secondary objective” challenge, the grims and the scriptures. It always ends up as …

  1. Complete 3 missions without anyone dying
  2. Complete 25 missions
  3. Kill 10 monstrsities
  4. Kill 1000 Dregs (ranged or melee)
  5. Kill 750 Scbas (ranged or melee)

Every week it looks the same when I’m done, cuz the books and objective challenges are for fools.

you’re screwed… you won’t complete it…
Easier to complete 25 missions than this.

It would be much better if „6 secondary objectives“ would mean „any 6 books“ instead of „6 times all of the books“.

So you would be able to carry 2/3 scriptures and get 2x progress.