Remov this

Well just before hitting the 200-hour-mark my second ever red dropped, you could imagine my anticipation when I saw that sweet red border. Could it be the hammer I wanted? Or perhaps it’s the executioner’s, I’ve always had a weak for that. But even if it’s just a repeater rifle, I can’t wait to proudly display those glowy decorations… I couldn’t wait. Time to open up!

And… It’s…






Well. You could roll curse + stamina recovery since not all classes benefit that much from more crit or even crit + stamina recovery if you’re good enough.

My first Red was a Trinket and to be honest, I’m happy I got it. Trinkets/Charms/Necklaces can be used across every character and career as opposed to weaponry. These items also play heavy role in stat-advantages and builds. That being said, I wish I could get a weapon soon myself.

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Yeah maybe crit and stamina recovery for the tanks would be decent. But still, I could roll that on a regular trinket if I felt the need, I got hundreds upon hundreds of dusts, only my patience is stopping me.

But you can roll the exact same stats on a regular trinket and it doesn’t require nearly a hundred hours of grinding.


Yes, but re-rolling is a personal pain and RNG won’t always play in your favor. It highly depends on when you get the item too. Getting a red charm after 400 hours of gametime logged would probably be miniscule in your favor since you’ve probably found enough dust or charms to find what you need. I personally find charms all the time and I’m getting suspicious about its drop rate.

How did you manage to get hundreds upon hundreds of dust? From my experience green dust is much harder to come by than even orange dust. And rolling perfect stats for a single orange item literally takes hundreds of green dust. The crafting system is garbage at the moment.

Idunno, I didn’t use it much. I used a bunch of it to reroll all my charms and trinkets into near-perfection (like the one shown) once, as well as my favorite weapons. For the rest I just throw everything I find into the smelting pot and dust comes out.

I guess it depends on how many characters and classes you play. Since I play almost all of them rerolling is quite a pain and green dust feels very hard to come by because it almost never drops from legendary vaults.
I wonder if in some future patch they will make trinkets visible on your characters like I’m VT1. Maybe then you will be able to showcase your red trinkets.

Boi I hope so

You have a red…be thankful for that. Been playing pretty solidly since the second? beta and have received f all. Mostly champ with gen/emp and or legend.
Okay not quite f all, I got a green handmaiden helm that really fits well with her blue look…
Yes I am salty.

You have a cosmetic. Be thankful for that.

Because I really want a damn helmet for Kruber, either the conquistador or the skull, and I’ve opened over 200 commendation boxes on his char alone and I got nothing I am also salty.

If we pool all our salt together maybe we can generate what we want. Or just go into the salt business…

Red items are different now: they don’t have unique traits, rather they always roll max. They glow, but you can customize them with illusions as well (weapons I mean). So, the point of reds is that they allow you to cheat horrible crafting system. And having it on trincket is actually super helpfull. I am jealous right now, if you can’t tell :slight_smile: