Relics weapons power 5 ?

Hi all, first, sorry for my bad English, not my main laguage…

I’m a brand new player so sorry if my question seems obvious. I have bought the relic pack DLC and I love the Moonfire arrow and the fact that it is an energy cooldown instead of finding ammunition.

But the bow power, it’s only 5 because I got it at level 1 and it doesn’t seem to level up as a gain level. Can you level relics weapons up or you have to play it all at level 5 all the game ?

Thanks for your help !

It’s the Forging weapon, in the inventory there is a tab where you can salvage things inside that tab is located a forging menu where you will be able to make proper weapon at regular power level


The weapon you get from the relic pack acts as a blueprint for the forge, if you use it you will get a weapon that has a powerlevel which matches your progression.

Materials for forging are acquired by salvaging weapons and trinkets that you get from opening chests or bad products from the forging.


Omg ok thanks you so much !!!

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