Release date

My assumptions.
If you look at the schedule of the announcement/release of previous Fatshark games and analyze the corresponding intervals, you can conclude that Darktide will be released in the spring of 2021. For those who doubt: if the first gameplay will be shown in october/november this year, you can be sure about spring release window.
It’s not that long to wait, is it? =)

Considering how many projects Fatshark is currently working on, my guess would be late summer/early fall release (2021).

Remember, they are working on V2 expansion Chaos Wastes, Versus, Weave seasons, developing/creating/testing new careers, Darktide, and publishing a game for another indie company.

They may be a small company but they sure are working hard this year!

If we won’t see a gameplay trailer in the next two months, then you’re right and the game will be released in the second half of the next year =)

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Why can I download and install your TEST, but not play, because it apparently is closed!?! That’s not smart guys. When will Verminetide 2 ba available?

Dayms, that’s why I dislike teasers. I want in under my xmas tree 2020!
I actually loved the way game trailer looked - it looks nothing like that other 40k coop imho.

Summer 2021

I’d guess late August-early September. Gives FS time to release Chaos Wastes and the 3 new VT2 careers, fix all the inevitable bugs, have a summer holiday and come back refreshed to handle the DT release.

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They are going to run both game at the same time, and most likely have the 2 last career be released after Darktide is out

if they need as much time (~5month) as they did btw GK and OE they would be released like that:

Kerrilian April Mai 2021

Saltzpyre Septembre November 2021

Sienna April Mai 2022

I’d like to believe this but until I see a major Vermintide 2 DLC announcement (including new maps, factions…etc) that will release after Darkitide comes out, I’ll remain skeptical. Darktide will offer new characters, maps, enemies, combat mechanics and challenges and loot to obtain. I expect most long time Vermintide 2 players to migrate to Darktide because it offers new challenges and novelty. Maybe they come back occasionally to VT2 for a few nostalgic runs, but they probably won’t invest significant hours without new content that freshens the game up.

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I expect a november or december release for Darktide. With the virus, a delay to 2022 is possible too.

If they take 5 months to release a single DLC career for VT2, I don’t expect them to release a full game in a few months.

I still think its gonna be spring window for release. Also i think that new DLC for V2 gonna drop in december/january 20/21 =)

Based on the interviews available FS reps still talk a lot in a planning fashion so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s rather towards winter 2021, especially considering all other projects they’re still involved with. Which I’m completely fine with. It’s important for me that it has enough content (given the time it takes to release expansions and additional content historically) and is bug-free. Of course it’s also vital for FS that the first experience is powerful and keeps the playerbase satisfied so they don’t loose players too quickly. Hell, delay it to 2022 even if needed (although this is my most wanted game right now).

I wouldn’t put too much money on the bug free, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, if they keep their promise of >2021< I am satisfied with that

(And I really hope there are more maps then in vermintide 2)

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I have a feeling in my bones is going to be October.

Same month V1 released

Fatshark has come full circle.

Surprisingly insightful for our favourite drunkard :wink:

So, here are my guesses. The game was announced on July 23rd, 2020. Based on this, I assume that the release date will be announced before July 23 or exactly on that day. Moreover, I think the release will take place in August or September - an excellent release window based on the release dates of competitors and other big titles.

Your thoughts?

I agree on the july release date announcment part that what i was thinking as well but my guess is they will release it on Oct or Nov and if we are unlucky maybe 2021 cause of the coof :persevere:

Are we going to have beta testing?

I would think so.

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