Rejects know more than they should?

So, since I started playing darktide I noticed that all characters know about Daemonhost, yet in Warhammer lore no one who doesnt work with or under Inquisition should know that demons exist in first place. So, how and why do they know its name, how come they never asked themselves why its called like that during missions?
Maybe I missed something that explains this… but I really want to hear an explanation behind the reject’s knowledge of their enemy, if they’re not even sure why cultists call some “chaos god” as their leader and treat him such?
It would be nice if we at least had a cutscene where our character has a training course where he gets all explanations from superior ranks. Way better than where they shouting “I am a warrior” for no good reason… Or just a small talk about it between rejects and mission controllers

thats an absolutistic assertion, and nothing in 40k is 100% true.
while the larger populus are blind to Deamons, the rumors do exist, the people are not completely oblivous, cults don’t soley emerge from direct warp or chaos agent intervention, but also through acting upon hearsay and experimenting with dark rituals.
also, spacetravel is a thing, and even when gellarfields hold, the energies of the warp still affect thousands of workers and sailors with random visions, and whispers of souls, so its almost impossible to supress the spread of rumors, so the imperium relies heavily on discrediting everything that isn’t Imperial dogma as wrong or false promises.

so its kinda a thing people do and do not know at the same time, they might heard someone talking and brushed it off. or tried to get to know more but came to no sastifaction.

and then there is ofcourse cases in wich entire systems fought entire deamon invasions, and while orders of the inqusition do their work properly and stop it before it spreads and they most likely purge any witnesses,
if it is already widespread and many legions, fleets and and allies have been rallied, and came out victorious, they won’t then retroactively purge the whole systems worth of imperial regiments and hive cities and manofactorums who may have been under siege, just to uphold the lie.
it would be too much of a waste at that point.
instead they might shift around deployment zones and trade routes to prevent the spreading of knowledge to other systems and sectors aswell.

i think a good analogy for us would be the “stone masons”, a shadow goverment behind everything, some secret order who steered every powerful person since the last 200years? yeah right its just rumors.
no one you’d talk to believes it to be true but, what if it is?


I don’t think its unreasonable to assume that the rejects would be given off-mission training by senior staff on the morningstar on how to identify a demonhost and what to do with it. (avoid, avoid, avoid, based on their reactions) In my mind I think that the fresh convicts aren’t given any training and are just flown into a mission until they keep coming back a few times. then they’re given training on different weapon types, different enemy types and so on.

This actually does happen within the meat grinder, as it only unlocks the more difficult enemies to test on the further you level up your character. however The meat grinder is incomplete as it doesn’t have all of the enemy types and fatshark should include monstrous enemy types in it as well, though maybe with a special condition like “beat this monstrous enemy this many times to unlock in the meat grinder”


Yes the rejects 100% know more than they should. I don’t really think any amount of lore gymnastics can fix that.

I think it is down to give people who don’t know much about 40k more generalist info and context to what is going on. And to that extent I don’t have a problem with it.


What’s funny to me is that they know all about the Indomitus Crusade, have intricate knowledge about the Horus Heresy, Primaris Marines, and even the dark age of technology in the case of the loner psyker, but none of them have even the faintest clue what the cicatrix maledictum is.


very true, all that exposition, and they chose, that the characters don’t even know of a thing you litteraly can see with you naked eye is jarring

cicatrix maledictum is implied to have happened while the mourningstar was in a warp jump/while our rejects were in a transport vessel with no news. i would imagine stuff like primaris marines/indomitus crusade/etc or anything that makes the imperium look strong would be force fed to literally everyone as propaganda. Additionally I think there is meant to be a timeline to the voice lines, like the cicatrix maledictum questions were there at launch and other dialogue added later as the rejects become more up to date, it’s just weird since the old lines still play

also haven’t actually heard any dialogue mentioning the horus heresy/dark age of technology but it makes sense that the loner knows a lot more than he should since he can just read minds so he’d just piece things together by being near others


I would’ve agree with all that because reasonably no one is going to kill dozens of people just to cover the truth, stopping entire planet work by this action, but come on, we’re talking about warhammer
First Armageddon war is one of examples, with Inquisition willing to destroy the entire population, with that action almost starting a civilian war between them in pair with Grey Knights and Cosmic Wolves. Yes, rumors do exist, but knowing that only Atoma suffered from unusual and unknown attacks from unknown enemies (and probably all information and witnesses where destroyed by the very same Inquisition), both outside and inside of Imperium, and rejects where taken from different planets around the galaxy, which mostly was never attacked by demons and no one but psykers know about what actually is the Warp and why it can be dangerous, still doesnt ask themselves about why Inquisition trying to hide such a huge threat from people to avoid it in the future.
Rejects like to ask inconvenient questions sometimes. One always being kindly answered by supervisors with a life threat during missions (sadly I dont know where to find an example of such, once I find it i’ll add a link), and this conversation was the entire reason why I question this in first place.
Also just checked a video where rejects talk about demons in warp, talking about their threat. Yet, possibly the only time they travelled the Warp was during imprisonment to somewhere near Atoma, then transported on a small spacepod-plane. They’re just a prisoners, who was taken from the lowest parts of their cities to be transported on public execution on Atoma, never travelled on spaceship before. And I hardly believe they somehow got instructed in their cages with no windows about demons outside of the ship before warp jump.
For me it just feels incomplete that characters believe every word of Inquisition, yet being rejects of society, after the very first flight to one of their agent’s requisitioned ship, and after that (possibly) discovering the truth that was hidden from entire Imperium for so long in a brief before first mission.

I believe that the rejects are just sent as cannon fodder on their first missions with no explanation. Whats the reason of spending time on a group of soldiers, some of which havent been in a real fight before, full of heretics who’s authority is growing within the hive rapidly, if they’re easily replacable from other prison ships around Atoma or soldiers from Astra Militarum? But prisoners dont have a choice but to follow the orders to stay alive, soldiers would ask too many questions and fear for their life too much, thinking they can retreat now and fight back later.

i didn’t bring up space travel, because i think the rejects would somehow gain knoledge of demons from that,
i brought it up because there are ships with crews in the thounsands, some of wich might had a clearer vision or interpreted something and went portside, started to talk or mention his vision of something strange they saw and thats how rumors spread.

thats the thing, examples have zero value in 40k narrative, because the highest authorities from govenors, noble elites, Navis nobilite dynasties to rogue traders and Inquisitors all operate on their views and beliefs and can confront the same problems totally different, as long as the methods and results are within boundaries these decisions are acepted and tollerated.

some inquisitor might handle a threat by ruthlessly culling everthing cough cryptman cough were another might be extremly noble and humanitarian and wishes to save as many humans as possible from oblivion.

another misconception, “the Inqusition” isn’t a well organised entity that does things by the book
each inquisitor answers only to the emperor, while another inquisitor might challange the authority of one and if enough attention and proof is presented before the kabal, he may be stripped of title and creed, but its rare that there are even enough inquisitors around for that, so what happens alot more is that if there’s a difference they either ignore it, or if its particulary impermissable they just try to kill the other inquisitor.
and yes there’s the the title of Inquisitor lord or grand inquisitor, but those are honorary titles, they don’t actually grant authority over other inquisitors, tho they do usually have more weight behind their words and are more protected against scrutiny from other inquisitors.
next thing i wanna mention about the inquisiton is, they are spread thin, almost all supression of information isn’t done by them but the ministorum itself, the inquisition doesn’t bother with ungrounded rumors themself, they are active when something actually happens and proof of that could be circulating,
they don’t wander around and hand out a bit of suprresion to everyone.

there are actually serveral shools of thought within the inqisition that are categorised either as puritan or Radical
Amalathian- for example is a philosophy where the followers beleive that the Emperor had a great plan and everthing is unfolding as it should.
or Seculos Attendous - where the followers believe that the Ecclisiarchy is a hinderance to humanity

yep i agree, the rejects know way too precise whats going on. and i also don’t really like how they did it. they don’t act surprised, or question the existance of certain things, while knowing way too much things about random politcs.

but i really didn’t try to justify why they know, i tried to shine some light on how the dynamic of information is working in 40k

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personally i want to try to justify everything within this game only because it made high expectations on accuracy of everything - surroundings, items, lore, sounds, characters and etc. im just always curious what game studio, me or other people in community can imagine their own answers on open topics, especially on literally community built universes like Warhammer, where theres alot of open questions which can be answered by entire community or locally in smaller groups of enthusiasts by agreeing mostly or all together.
Thank you for your answer. Maybe it didnt made me satisfied because I will always be happy to see more small and lore details in games such as Darktide, but it was really interesting to read from another person knowing very much about lore of the WH universe

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The reason there are so many Ogryns on the Morningstar is because they are evolving at an accelerated rate ala planet of the apes. This is why they can count, joke, wax philosophic and generally do more than smash and eat (they don’t even think about those things normally). Grendyl is uniquely aware of the risk they pose, but like Shaw in Open Season his concerns are going unnoted. The Imperium will fall, not to chaos but to the 70 IQ super ogryn.



We already have a psyker-woman-ogryn in lore that knows how to read and write, so downfall of entire universe is already close then



On the evolution/mutation aspect:
While this is the inquisition, the navy has a special NCO position on their ships: the twistcatcher. A twistcatcher “controls” the population of mutants on board, mainly by putting them to work on the more dangerous tasks.

Surely, it is the implant.
Most Ogryn’s on missions have a bone head implant. That may explain a lot. On the other hand, it could be most disconcerting, should the implant itself somehow evolve.

Lastly, IQ is relative, and 70 now may be like 100 at another time or region.


It makes sense for Priests and Psykers to know a lot about imperial history. Not so much Ogryns obviously. For Vets it really depends on their background and connections.

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The rejects sent on mission from the Mourningstar ARE working for the Inquisition, aren’t they?

Maybe the characters have learned too much, even for the inquisition. But the contingency plan is already in place - one suicide mission at a time.

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The bone head implant seems to be a whole lot more powerful in Darktide. I don’t really mind it. I just wished we had one unaugmented Ogryn too choose from with DoW 1 or 2 esque communication skills.

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I think we’re supposed to assume it was covered off screen before the “I am a warrior” Scene with Grendel since it’s your first time meeting the inquisitory via hologram also just knowing the inquisition exists at all is unknown to most and many think it’s just a conspiracy theory. So just the fact you’re working directly for an inquisitor at all means you were probably given a briefing off screen.