Reflections on Victor's future career

I thought the community was up and arms about how such a overpowered character like grail knight could be introduced to v2 or how peasant kruber could ever become a grail knight in the first place.
Dno my memory is short so maybe I recall it wrongly.

Either way I’m personally expecting to see either warrior priest or knight of morr, both sound totally plausible.

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Or in a stand alone Undead game (Against the VCoast/Dreadfleet pls FS I need that game so much)

Vermintide 3, now with Undead :joy:
Yeah I would also be up for that! Smack some undead abominations in to the ground :smile: just as Sigmar intended.

The funny thing is that he’s reffered as Questing Knight in game code. Not in frontend, but in variable names, like


Seems like he was originally meant to be Questing Knight, but someone changed their mind.


:joy: Nice, that is something I didn´t know.

Well good to see that FS originally thought a Questing Knight would be better…maybe they struggled with making a Questing Knight different from the Footknight?
While Questings Knights forsake the Lance (which is basically irrelevant for VT2) they differ not that much from Empire Knights besides having older/worse Armourstyle and different weapons (sort of but not really tbh).

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