Reflections on Victor's future career

And besides, he would look too much like the Grail Knight.

Warrior Priests don’t look anything like Grail Knights, besides the fact that they wear armor. That’s a weird objection IMO.

It does seem pretty obvious, and I think almost a given. I would be surprised and disappointed if we didn’t get that, tbh. It’s so iconically Warhammer.


I am not sure saltz has the body for something like that though? :joy:

You´d have to be ripped as hell for an armor like that.

Yes but drop @Frostysir. You can’t talk to that kind of player. They have no arguments but want at all costs to have the warrior priest since 2018. A Grail Knight boring 2.0.

But hey, if fatshark listens to the community they will make a Warrior Priest and I personally will uninstall the game. I have Victor lv 35 (+627) and I find it too easy for his character to make him a warrior priest and I will be really disappointed with the lore of this game.

But hey, as long as there are players like the other one above, well I do not know what to say and above all I can not say anything because there will be people like him to come and spoil everything in mode:

Gngngngng gogole priest warrior gngngn we want that

(Frankly, I am on a forum, I calm my words)

Yeah er, good luck with that.

Well, know that for the Grail Knight it was the case

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Wow, I’m “that kind of player”. I didn’t know I was that kind, but here is a random man on the internet saying it, it must be true. You seem to be the type of player who has a big chip on their shoulder. :joy:

This is a good point, but I figure Saltz would have a thinner armor. Nothing in Vermintide is as over-the-top as classic Warhammer. I generally like that, since some of the stuff is a bit crazy. But I’m sure a Warrior Priest’s armor can be slimmed down for him.

He’d probably play nothing like a Grail Knight and be more of a support tank. Though . . . seeing as how SotT came out, that might still accidentally become a huge DPS lol. I also see no reason he can’t use other ranged weapons, either - I don’t think Warrior Priests are forbidden those.

Warrior Priest Saltzpyre seems the most clearly obvious choice for a new career for any character in the game - Kruber and Kerillian were kind of surprising shots in the dark, for Bardin it seemed likely to be either an Engi or a Runesmith or something. So it doesn’t seem odd to me that for Saltz they’ll probably pick the obvious choice. There are other things they could pick, I’ve heard the Vampire idea, and that’s kind of interesting, but it seems like a huge stretch for Victor, even if it could be justified. It’s certainly something that would make the lore purists at Games Workshop get conniptions over.


The goal was that I give my ideas like everyone else.

But here you are, your answer in a more detailed form was like this you said to “shut my mouth”

And again, the only answer like all the others is “Warrior priest”

It is frustrating and annoying. I have the right to express myself

Huh? They literally just said that they don’t think a warrior priest would look very much like a GK at all. I’m struggling to see how you’ve construed a personal attack out of that.

Meanwhile your response to them does make you look like you have a massive chip on your shoulder for whatever reason, and you get WAY more personal in your responses, for reasons I don’t understand at all, and which was massively uncalled for frankly.

What is going on here? It’s like we’re reading two different threads. Was there a comment that was edited or removed that I’ve missed?


There’s some kind of misunderstanding going on, I was kind of amused at your response to my first comment. Give your thoughts, man. I never stopped you. I just have my own opinion.

@alsozara I edited my post a couple times (to add more, nothing previously said was altered or removed), and I’ve only made three posts in this thread, counting this one.

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Would Knight of Morr even work according to their Scriptures ? (Either: Don’t talk, don’t be funny or another I’ve forgot), also Knight of Morr aren’t Warrior Priest, they are more like Templar (Armoured force of the Cult)

Also Warrior Priest does fit Saltz physique (Proof)

And Sigmar’s Would be the least constrained of all the Warrior Priest possible (Baring Myrmidia and technically Manaan), as lorewise they can use guns,

Blind Warrior Priest that use a big gun (thank you Ghoth1ckov1tch for having this guy in an old post, I couldn’t find it anywhere

The Blackguard are the Knights of Morr that have the Vow of Silence and only talk Battlecommands or when off Duty.
So the Knights of the Raven could be an alternative ( Knights of the Raven | Warhammer Wiki | Fandom ) or a (Warrior)-Priest of Morr.

Personally I´m hoping for Warrior Priest of Sigmar or Ulric (because Saltz is from Middenland originally and Middenland is an Ulric-Bastion). Would make the most sense for Saltz (Ulric if his life would have taken another path).

Also regarding Fauchames

But unfortunately, Knight of Morr would look too much like the Grail Knight, And the same with the warrior Priest.

No, Grail Knight ARmour, or Bretonnian Knight armour in general is much closer to the 11th century and a bit later (mostly early Crusader maybe) where as Empire Steelplate armour is much more advanced and look more like Renaissance-Armour of Knight, since the Dawi shared the secret of making Steelarmour with the Empire of Men. Same goes for Warrior Priest of Sigmar that wear Armour that is different to either Grail Knights or Knights of the Empire. BizarreSalp posted a good picture of it, generally they wear no helmet (why ever that is, there is nothing in their scriptures about that, whereas Ulric has it in his scriptures that Helmets are for cowards), different Legarmour etc. eventhough a Sigmar Warrior-Priest could wear a full Knightsarmour, still what he does on the battlefield is totally different to a Knight.

Furthermore, Knights are heavy Cav. or heavy Footknights. Grail Knights are Cav. only and basically Superhumans (which is why I would have advocated for Kruber as a Questing Knight, not a Grail Knight) and Warrior Priests of Sigmar are in general “heavy” melee Support/Buff Frontliners. Not pure in your face DPS like Grail Knights or Knights of the Empire.


It might be cool to get a warrior priest restricted to only hammers. Dual wield, 1h hammer, 2h hammer, a coghammer kind of equivelent and a really massive hammer.

I’m still hoping for a knight of morr though. Would be so cool.

The thing is that they were never any restrictions in their scriptures toward that, and some of the official art showed them without any hammer too (One of the Duo, the other is WH from the Van Hal family iirc) and some even with a gun (Shown in my comment above)

Knight of Morr could also be just a reskin of Kruber Footknight.
As Footknight you already have the ability to look like a Knight of the Blazing Sun (Pay Helmet and Legend-Armour)

So a Black Guard could be done as a reskin (premium Skin even) File:Black Guard NDM.jpg - Warhammer - The Old World - Lexicanum
Knights of Morr | Warhammer Wiki | Fandom

Could be done and would be easier, since a “simple” Knight of Morr would just be another Footknight in essence, whereas a Warrior Priest of Sigmar/Ulric/Morr could indeed bring something new to the table in terms of Armour Design and Abilities (Minor and Major Miracles).

Just as an afterthought on why I think that just a Knight of Morr probably won´t happen, I would rather bet on a Priest or Warrior-Priest. Priest of Morr would ofc be awesome with an Undead DLC :smile:

I thought the community was up and arms about how such a overpowered character like grail knight could be introduced to v2 or how peasant kruber could ever become a grail knight in the first place.
Dno my memory is short so maybe I recall it wrongly.

Either way I’m personally expecting to see either warrior priest or knight of morr, both sound totally plausible.

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Or in a stand alone Undead game (Against the VCoast/Dreadfleet pls FS I need that game so much)

Vermintide 3, now with Undead :joy:
Yeah I would also be up for that! Smack some undead abominations in to the ground :smile: just as Sigmar intended.

The funny thing is that he’s reffered as Questing Knight in game code. Not in frontend, but in variable names, like


Seems like he was originally meant to be Questing Knight, but someone changed their mind.


:joy: Nice, that is something I didn´t know.

Well good to see that FS originally thought a Questing Knight would be better…maybe they struggled with making a Questing Knight different from the Footknight?
While Questings Knights forsake the Lance (which is basically irrelevant for VT2) they differ not that much from Empire Knights besides having older/worse Armourstyle and different weapons (sort of but not really tbh).