Refining Perks now ALWAYS COSTS MATS?

So today I went to swap up the Perk on my Headhunter from 25% Flak Armor to 5% Crit…

… and after spamming a bunch of Perk Refines I realised it was costing me 8 Plasteel and 3 Diamantine EVERY ATTEMPT.

This rolling used to be FREE, as I’d already spammed it a lot to get the cost down to zero.

Is this an intended Change? This is the same for ALL of my weapons. Every single Refine chance now costs Plasteel and Diamantine. It’s slightly higher for Transcendant.

If so, this is horrendous as this even further pushes the crafting into annoying RNG and inability to have true player agency on weapon builds.


Wait it has minimun cost now? I just also checked and some of my weapons that i previously rolled and were free also now had 8 and 3 cost.
wtf fatshark.

i noticed this too u should probably post in bugs to see if its intended

Should be fixed now.


Wow, fast fix. Thank you!

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