Reduce Flame DMG

i played around 30 runs damnation after the flame changes i be honest iam f tilt coz the flame dmg now is absolute OP with 1 tick delete 200 toughness and after that with 1 tick its delete me.
overall the idea reduce the (movement/penalty/tick) is good but the dmg should be reduced ASAP!!!
bomber/flamer/tox its feels like they was buffed by 9999%


I think because the game is crossplay, even just tweaking a number can take forever, due to certifications and such that some platforms require to roll out an update. So “ASAP” is only as fast as the slowest platform takes to approve an update.

At least that was the explanation in updates disparity across different platforms, in another game I play, which has released on different platforms, but didn’t have crossplay.

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I think they did. I didn’t check the patch note but it’s definitely not the same way a few days ago.

Did it happen to you just now?

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i will check again and reply

So many wild firedancers still.

Wether the damage gets readjusted or no, you should not be found in the fire regardless.
Reposition, adapt, overcome!


This needs to be fixed ASAP. Game is borderline unplayable with ninja flamers and bombers spawning out of walls behind you and wiping half the team before anyone can react.

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You can sidestep the flamer burst and it takes you two dodges at most to get out of the incendary grenade. If your entire team isn’t reacting fast enough to a flamer and a bomber, it’s time to pick up the speed.

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agree with the adaption etc but its not the case the dmg just not make sense

Under ideal circumstances, when you aren’t bodyblocked by 500 zombies and aren’t fighting for your life against a blob of 20 maulers, yes, that is correct. It’s often how these bugs interact with the usual course of gameplay that makes them problematic, not what they do in a vacuum, which in this case is easily avoidable as you’re suggesting.

At current patch? 50 at most. And you can push them with no counter.

10 at the absolute most when you pulled a patrol and you can still just dodge away from them. They are slow bois.

All I see is excuses why you aren’t chewing bubble gum and kicking ass yet. It is time.
Admit where your weaknesses lie, then skill up and chew this game out. If I can do it, then so can you.

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True, in fact, 90% of the time 1 dodge is enough. Unless I fail to kill it in 2 seconds, then I’m gonna need another dodge.

Does it justify the fact that fire grenade should kill you in 2 seconds? I don’t think so. What you said about sidesteping and avoid being in fire were correct and everybody should keep that in mind.

If what you’re saying about fire is true, wouldn’t it be fair to say we should die if we get hit twice by a poxwalker or any other mobs at all? Since there is always a way to deal with everything right? So if players get hit, it’s a skill issue and people should pick up the speed. So let’s make it so that we die if whatever hits us 2 times.

If people think fire damage doesn’t make sense, it’s an excuse because they are shiit at the game?


i think you right i dont see now any 1 tick delete all health bar or toughness

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what’s frustrating is how they seemingly don’t even play their own game before releasing updates/patches/hotfixes lol you could literally just go stand in the fire for a second and be like, “wow, this is broken af. this is a lot worse than before”, and then adjust it. instead, they just randomly changed some numbers and said, “f**k it. let’s go home early”.

fatshark is just blindly changing number values and calling it a day. i’ve put more time into stuff i don’t even care about lol i really don’t see how they manage to mess up the most simple things…

100% truth

Ignore the elitists in this thread defending the fire changes, they probably have their scoreboards printed and on mommy’s refrigerator.

Fine with fire damage provided they fix its sentient nature xD.
This patch so far has fire snaking around 90degree angles to chase players. Fix all the jank this patch introduced and it might not be so bad.

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Fire damage being game-ending instantly is super frustrating. Have had a few games where we had 4+ bombers and 2 flamers just zoning a door so we had to wait 4-5 minutes for them to walk to the door to continue playing the game. There was no alternate path so we couldn’t go around and the bombers were ahead of us. Also being revived in fire instantly kills the person being revived so getting griefed by reviving is now a thing. Fire also does so much damage to downed teammates if there is someone downed is targeted by a bomber it’s just game over for them as 2 bombs will outright kill a downed teammate. Fire has some weird tracking that allows it to go to places that shouldn’t be reachable same ca be said by traippers nets to a lesser degree and snipers just being able to shoot through walls and floors. but at least for the case of snipers/trappers you can still dodge them if fire touches your foot you just crumple like a lawn chair and die.

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Hot fixes come out pretty quickly if you look at the last month

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I just wish fire was fair. It barely does damage to enemies. Aside from that I welcome it.

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Have you tried stopping, dropping, and rolling?


Per Catfish, the fire damage is actually a bug and will be tuned down soon. Ofc you should try and avoid fire, but you can’t always, and it’s ridiculously overtuned at the moment – which, again, is due to a bug which they’ve acknowledged and are fixing.