Red weapons look cool, when the illusion is actually there

Wish it was the glaive or spear as I won’t be using the 1 handed sword but it looks cool.

It’ll be even nicer when we get all of our existing red illusions that are missing and showing up with white illusions instead replaced with the proper illusions… right fatshark, because we better.


i teared a little seeing this

it’s so pretty

A few more images as I got really lucky and got a red glaive.


pffffftttt XD garbage

what chest did you get this…

Probably legend soldiers


Got a red repeater on salty. Another cool looking weapon.


3 reds in a week how in the world are you doing this

A lot of luck and a lot of speedruns on screaming bell. 249 hours played so far as well.

With randoms? I got 210 hours and farming legend nets me a ~10% winrate because pubs.

Nah, premade group on discord going way back to v1. I don’t think I’d have much of a chance in pubs. If we get a blocker boss we just restart. It’s actually stupidly grindy and honestly getting very boring at this point. I think we’ll give it a break for a while.

Hahah! Just after visiting this thread I was imbued with the power of glorious red weaponry and uncrated this beautiful piece. Definitely one of my go-to weapons for Bardin so I’m happy for a change.

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That second pic with the moon in the background is EPIC

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Luck is rubbing off :wink:

Cool looking piece and nice shot.

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Are you doing these runs with all books too?

Bit of a necro on my own thread but just finally got the other elf weapons I wanted. Red dual daggers. Too much RNG!!

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Just dropped the red blunder on Kuntsman Hoober, now with his dark legend gear too.

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Decent haul today. Sword and dagger on elf, looks really cool.

Longbow on Hoober:

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