My first red <3

My first red item from an emperor vault w000t!



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Cheers !:hugs:

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can you post a picture with stats/trait im really interested?

2 Stamina, increased damage vs chaos/skaven.
50 percent more damage on blocked attackers.

This is the current build ish for my sword - kinda going for that defensive in case of trouble.

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I’m 117 hours in, 1 char 30,2 chars 25 and 2 chars 20. Still no red. :anguished:

But hey,congratz on your red!

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I got 136hrs with 1char 30+17 and 1 char 30+21 and a few 15s with a bunch of legend runs and tons of champion, but you’ll get there^^ Ty tho :smiley:

I just got the exact same sword, from a soldier’s vault after my first ever Legend clear. I’m having trouble deciding what rolls and perk I want though. There’s a great story behind it that I’ll copy/paste from another post:

We were on Righteous Stand, just before the church, and almost wiped. I was last man standing and had to take out an assassin with my dagger while dodging a tornado, ran past enemies for a little bit and picked everyone up back in the church before two leeches spawned. Luckily I had a tome and grim so not all was lost.

Wow nice dude, well deserved then even thought it was only your first run! :smiley:

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