Finally! 2-in-1 in a box!

I’ve been playing Sienna to hunt for her dagger and her beam staff. Surprised that this happened.

Now I can focus on Sir Kruber’s equips. xD

I really hope Fatshark can come up with a way to deal with red duplicates. It’s very disheartening to get five or more of the same red items in a row lol.


Its awsome! hope you enjoy those :slight_smile: !! For my part im still gently waiting for the dual axes for slayer. But since the last update reds come faster … thats good!

You lucky bastard :smiley:

Both weapons too. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

i 've only seen one red in my entire playtime :frowning:


annnnddd…here…you go…gotta get it out my pocket haven’t washed my pants in awhile lol…ah here :cookie: