Finally! after 200 hours i dropped my first Veteran item and it's totally worth it!(photos)

It happened!


Last night an emperor champion chest’s dropped the so long waited item! a powerful,shiny, red Hagbane shortbow for my loved Kerillian!

Imagine the pride of wearing such unique weapon and show to all the players the magnificience of the glowing runes on it! such unique appearence! my gods!

thanks Fatshark for all the efforts creating this wonderful skin!



ah ok so my veteran item it’s a normal s h i t t y hagbane with nothing special…

ah but i can extract the illusion! so good…

feelin bad man!

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I was expecting the Red Halberd hahaha. Look man, the games finished and any suggestion that the assets weren’t complete and that there are placeholders in the game currently is LUDICROUS!



damn. i want the red hagbane but this is kinda funny, and SAD

we needs our shinies to shine!

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Lol did you get banned or something? Why is your account new.

Hah, that is unfortunate! I suspect they’ll patch all the various red weapons that have stupid default skins one day… at least I sure hope so.

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