Guess which one the red is!



20 poker chips on A .

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My bet is both.

2 green dust on A

Gonna join in on this.



I hope its B, cause redwood looks much classier :smiley:

Although what if its NEITHER?!

Screw it, 50 green dust on B!

Picture A with the bug, which makes it come without the illusion so you got a default looking hagbane,

If you just answered A then you win a pumpkin, you lucky bleeder.


BUT MAH DUST :crying_cat_face:

Well I spent about 80 green dust rerolling a weapon only to have the traits I needed not appear even a single time, this makes us even. If I see 6% power vs berserkers and 12% block angle one more time I’m going to smash something.

Rerolling is always fun. I remember then time I could not get rid of 4% crit chance.
But yeh, I feel ya.
Same for my red Halberd, which, consequently, isn’t actually being used.

Real men only use the 1 handed sword.