Red Weapons (a tier above transcendant)

Hi fatshark team

When you bring the ability to make RED weapons like in Vermintide 2 I have some suggestions.

  1. Give us the ability to upgrade rarity to RED (a tier above Transcendant) which brings all blessings and perks to highest grade.

  2. Upgrade materials used to bring weapon rarity to red should be farmed from monstrosities only and Daemon hosts should give you much more of the material that regular monstrosities (no one wants to fight daemon hosts so itle be a good way to get people to fight them)

  3. Upgrade costs should be high so that REDS are not easy to make unless youre willin to put the time in however Daemon hosts should give you a generous amount depending on game difficulty

  4. Take useless blessings off the curios (for example +% experiance) and put in place usefull blessings like +% dmg, crit dmg, crit chance or so on.

Thank you for making such a great game.

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Honestly I think this is a bad idea, since some their spawns are random it would be hard to try and consistently find those materials. Maybe a Damnation only drop or something.

You really aren’t meant to fight Demonhosts at all, they’re a stage obstacle that punishes you if you activate them. I think making them drop the most of the highest tier upgrade material would be a bad idea in general.


They’re monstrosities and we farm them weekly. Bring a shield ogryn and they are absolutely trivial.

They should not give more of anything. They should be avoided, and if you want to farm them they are trivial if you bring the group for it.

It’s a bit like the patrols in Vermintide. You avoid them… except the patrols are usually trivial to just nuke into the ground If you know what you are doing. People also used to ask for rewards for taking them on, but that misses the point completely (just like the demon host). If they did not count as monstrosities we would never kill them.

I disagree, it will make monstrosities worth fighting and itle also make daemon hosts worth fighting, worth risking the mission success for, maybe I agree with having the materials also drop in damnation difficulty only… And daemon hosts arnt realy much of an obstical considering they’re so easy to get around… I can solo kill one on herecy and kill it in 2 strikes 3 if im unlucky, damnation I kill them in 4 to 5 hits.

Well then there’s no point in tying it to daemonhosts, stick it to any random mob at that point.

I also disagree with tying materials to random spawns in the first place. The entire game is too random already, and the crafting system is where it’s the worst of them all.