Red Item Droprate Overhaul

You are correct. Issue one is no dupe protection, you can get FOUR OF THE SAME RED BOLT STAFF ILLUSION despite having no other reds for sienna (yes I am very salty about my red bolt staff collection). Yes you can melt them down to craft other reds, but no red illusion, so… lame!

Other problem is no bad luck protection. So someone can get a boatload of red jewelry and no weapons. Or someone can just get absolutely f*** by Ranald and get nothing (I didn’t get any reds or cosmetics for something like my first 250 hours of play). Lots of my friends have had similar dry spells where they just get boned in drops for hundreds of hours.

Frustrating as these things are, the gameplay of this game is so good it keeps people who are frustrated coming back. If they tweak drop mechanics too far the other way and they are too easy, people will still keep coming back for the gameplay.

Something has to be done because right now it’s not about them being easy or hard to get, it’s pure luck. When I see a person with full reds I don’t think “oh they’re really good”, I think “oh they’re really lucky.”

I’m pretty sure the fix will be Lohner’s Emporium, if it functions at all similar to the old bounty board it will do nicely.


Legend emperors should have 100% drop rate?

Please no, would make it so trivial its not even funny.

I play this game purely for fun and i think i have about 100 each of legend generals and emperor chests, two characters with one nearly maxed out in reds and the other completely maxed out+trinkets based on all 3 classes.

Oh and all of the weapons have unique illusions, i disenchanted duplicate ones.

Someone did the math on a similar amount of chests and got it to legend emperors having about 22% drop chance, i personally have had dry periods opening 20 chests getting nothing then its spring opening 10 results in getting 8.

However its true that jewelry seems to drop more often if my vague memory serves, and no one likes duplicates, even with the right to disenchant them.

And the reason people drop the game isnt because the loot, its because most find it to be repetitive and boring from what i heard.

Its a niche that not everyone enjoys

The loot? Its something you should view as a side-dish, sure having fancy glowing letters on your weapons is …fancy, but its far from actually needed.


Well my elf 2h & dagger & repeater collection is pretty massive as well so i know your pain.
I also kinda feel like some kind of system maybe something similar to V1:s Shrine of solace ?
Where you can at least pick the kind of drops you would get(ranged,jewelry,melee etc) would be good step forward or just simply letting you spend extra red dusts to craft those weapon skins as an alternative.

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I would agree on the Shrine of Solace idea. I think the dust is a move in the right direction. My friend and I stopped playing back in 1.2 and just came back this week. I would say we can generally only play once a week for any more than 2 hours or so after the kids are in bed, or a marathon session on the weekends, so I understand we just wont see the number of reds others get. But it is infuriating to spend a night stumbling through legend to get 3 boxes, a lot of blues and then say “I remember why we stopped playing now.” Having that choice through a series of challenges for a guaranteed ranged/melee/etc red item would at least give us something to hope for.

For now I am still enjoying coming back. Working on some of the unlocks I never got. Overall, this is still a great game, especially for the cost.

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People seem to have this weird idea that luck = skill. The guy who pulled 20 reds in 100 boxes on his only played character is somehow more elite than the guy who pulled 15 reds in 1000 boxes. Having Red items has literally nothing to do with skill. Clearing full book Legends runs is trivially easy, period. Numerous people used to solo clear Legend on multiple builds, and pretty sure any 2 skilled people can 2-man Legend with any 2 builds. Saying Red items are supposed to be rare and a luxury is a very bad argument when the gear specifically makes and breaks builds due to thresholds, and luck is the only parameter that governs how many Red items you have.


lol wut?

My 100+ red dust would beg to differ xD

Seriously, reds are not that rare. It’s around a 22% drop rate with Legend Emp Vaults. I’ve tested this with multiple people, with some opening 8000 vaults as well as testing it in smaller batches of 100 chests at a time. And everyone gets around a 20-24% drop rate. So it’s actually pretty accurate. 15 reds in 1000 vaults is astronomically improbable.

Still, simply allowing us to turn off accessories from dropping would help a lot. Kinda sucks when you’re trying to get those last 2 illusions and you keep getting nothing but trinkets.

I do not know of a build that cannot be carried out without it’s breakpoints. Nothing in the entire game relies on red items and I’ll stand by that point. Many builds can benefit from breakpoints but they do not rely on them.

I’m not sure anyone here has said that luck = skill; what we are trying to say is that if you put in a few hours of Legend you will likely take home a red that day. You are correct in saying that it’s based entirely in luck, but we are saying that if you roll the dice enough you will take home more reds than you know what to do with.

@Sarkonis makes a really excellent point that he will likely not have a ton of reds because he only puts in a couple games and mentions the idea of doing the series of challenges just like in Vermintide 1. The quest system was a great way to get cosmetics and Veteran Items that didn’t move people forward too fast but still gave us something to work towards! I believe there should be an easier way to move forward without relying so heavily on RNG… but that’s been said a 1000 times at this point.

Im fine with the Drop rate when u really got that much Play time and dont get enought reds you should have enought Blue and green stuff to reroll a decent orange item of youre choice.
I got a bit over 500 hours and and like 800 Missions completed.

I got 61 reds some of them double tripel or more times the same item/Skin sure but that helped me to Upgrade my dlc weapons and others i like , it lets me go for more individual builds for different playstyles and builds so the game stays fresh and i wont get bored :slight_smile: .

I like how rare they are it makes every red drop special and satisfying.

I think setting the Droprate higher would just revoke the specialness of red items and would not really encourage me to keep on looting .


Yeah the drop rate for reds at the highest difficulty is just fine, assuming you can complete them with full books. Even if you doubled the drop rate it wouldn’t improve the situation much because half of what you get is going to be accessories and you still have the same (small) chance of getting the one you actually want.

The drop rate for hats is far too low in comparison. I’m almost at 900 hours of play and I’ve probably gotten more hats from achievements than by drops.


True that, hats are borked!

I got 0 hats in the first 250 or so hours. Then, on the day the content patch dropped, I got 4 or 5 or something like that. In the 350ish hours since I’ve gotten 1 that wasn’t from a challenge…

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As Hedge would say, RNG is a cruel mistress…

Before they increased the hat drops, I got all my elf hats. A few of them dropped back to back, lol. After the update, I didn’t get any for nearly 100+ hours. At 1300 hours, I have nearly every hat. But that’s a lot of time to put in for a cosmetic… but, the cosmetic store is coming SoonTM. So it should be rectified, hopefully…

And i posted the drop rat for hats before. I can look at discord in a bit and repost, but I’m pretty sure it’s around 63 commendation chests for 1 hat.

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