Recon VIIa jiggling Crossahir

I dont know hot to say this, sry if my English is bad… Xd

Recon Lasgun VIIa i have it with 80 Stability. before it was super nice, now its Crossahir is Jiggling all over the Plae when shooting. Its really bad!!!
I dint see any Patchnotes regarding Nerf of Stability, so can somoene at FS tell me its intensional or not.
Id rather hear its not. There was really no need for nerfing it if it is the Case iMO


Are you suppressed? Veteran ult should make you immune to suppression so maybe that’s the disconnect?

nah i was trying out some stuff with the new patch in the Arena.

Maybe i was wrong, but i couldnt remember it being so crazy. Maybe they made the Crosshair represent the shots better?!
That could be it.

And yes youre right with the Ult i know that of course.
It definetly felt like that the Stability was nerfed or doesnt work on the Recon anymore as intended.
It always had spread even with 80stability but it through the roof compared. Even on Closerange.
When you do Ult its about what it was before Patch. Crosshair is stable to 90%.

not to forget, the Laspistol now is pretty neat. They finally fixed teh weird spread on it and its crazy stable on Crosshair.