Recon VId dmg bugged?

It looks like when you do one single shot(Burst) it does more dmg per Burst per second then when you hold the trigger. Its hard to explain, but i have a Video.
It seems like the DPS is Hardlocked. Its super weird from Cadence of shots< dn what a single shot( Burst does as dmg to FUlly automatic spraying. Yes sometimes the hits are not perfect, but i get close range aswell. I tried it before the Video and went all Facehugger for more Accuracy. It doenst matter for the most part. Some die instantly other dont. Yes due to Perks aswell of course. But in General as you can see its weird…

Watch from 5.58min please!
HD should be ready in 30min, from the time of the Post!

I’m not 100% sure on this but I believe it’s because you have Punishing Salvo on it. I don’t think it works on a rotation when you full auto, rather I think it’s literally the 2’nd and 3’rd shot until you release your click. So you can mag dump after but there’s no bonus from the perk.

I have used that perk very very rarely unfortunately so I’m not 100% sure on how it works or if that’s the issue.
You can try replacing that perk with something like slide reload speed and repeat the procedure to rule this theory out.

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Confirmened. You are correct on this.

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Thanks for confirming this Mayson!

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Oh yeah man, thats right… Didint even think about it XD

Punishing salvo is not really my go to normally. I dont think its worth it on Recon, but what can you do in RNG Hell

Definetly will change it out!

The thing is, you kinda always shoot burst with this Gun. When holding down the button, its infinte Burst after Burst, after burst. The delay is very short so its not really noticeable. Means it still should work iMO. Or, it would be neat to make work so!

I think those weapons need a buff in damage but to balance it out it either needs more recoil or a lower ammo pool. So overall you’d do the the same damage per max ammo count but your magazine is more impactful. The time to kill for most bigger targets makes it a “meh” weapon to me.

It depends which Recon you take. The VIIa (brown Version) is super nice man!
But Recon Lasguns are ment for Hordes and Ligter Targets in General.
Especially Infested due to one of the few Ranged Weapons that can actually penetrate multiple Infested. Nonetheless still viable against Specials.

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