Recon lazRiffle Sight's

the sight’s for the reconLazRiffle are so bad it is hard to get a head shot useing it.
is there any chance to get a better one b4 the full game comes out ?

Sorry for my spelling i have dyslexia

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i take it i am the only one that thinks this ?
Oh well worth a try tho


From my experience the recon lasgun fills a mid-close range gap. The ability to ‘snipe’ with an automatic weapon at long range would be a bad move, in my opinion. It would make many of the other versions of the lasgun subpar.

However, I do believe in strengthening the veteran marksman class to benefit more off of lasguns. They already nerfed the bolter for… in my opinion… inadequate reasons. In a game that requires a high level of awareness and punishment-in-melee when in ranged combat, ranged weapons/classes should not be getting nerfed at all.