Recent Nerfs to Ogryn Made Them Less Valuable

Returning for the latest patch after playing a lot on launch, and I noticed they’ve gutted Ogryn’s ability to fend off large groups of armored/shielded targets, which was a very impactful niche IMO.

Specifically, I am talking about these 2 changes:

Replaced feat ‘Knife through butter’ (Fully charged heavy attacks have unlimited cleave) with ‘Knock em’ down, beat em’ up’: (Staggering enemies adds a number of stacks relative to the size of the enemy (range is 1-10) of 2% damage bonus to next heavy attacks. Max number of stacks is 25, so keep pushing for a 50% heavy damage bonus.).

Fixed issue with ‘Blood & Thunder’ feat where bleed would be applied on non damaging attacks, for example attacks on Bulwark shields.
(This bleed meant you would 3-5 shot bulwarks through shields.)

TL;DR: Ogryns have effectively lost a niche of being able to hold off large groups of armored targets with infinite target heavy attack cleaves that damage and CC targets through shields, which makes me want to play them even less tbh. Please undo these nerfs, or at least make “Knife through Butter” baseline.

I’m sorry to tell you this but Knife through Butter was never good. Full charging heavy attacks is just not something you want to do on any Ogryn melee, it’s a big time sink you could be fitting a lot of attacks into otherwise.

Ogryn is very strong for a bunch of reasons. They can stack absurd amounts of coherency regen making them exceptionally tanky when playing close to group (you should be doing this 90%+ of the time as Ogryn). Heavy Weight lets them bully all Ogryn elites and even gives them some pretty damn good Plague Ogryn DPS with GG and Adhesive Rumbler (got buffed even more in the last patch courtesy of blaze away buff). They have excellent horde control with every weapon and the potential for truly exceptional horde clear with Bull Butcher.

If you want to bully an infinite number of elites you have Paul for that. It also kills those elites very well without ever throwing out a heavy attack. Paul special to open up Bulwarks into double kickback shot execution is truly a thing if beauty.

Meanwhile the new feat is actually decent competition for Raging Bull on some weapons.


I think barley no one used that feat because waiting for the attack to fully charge is usually pretty bad.
The bugfix on the bleed was deserved, ogryn already has very easy time against pretty much all the enemies in this game, no need to have him counter bulwarks more than he already does.

On what weapons are you referring to? The club? To me still fell less useful than Ragin Bull.

Yeah TBH I didn’t harp on that point nearly as much as I should have. Ogryn dumps on other Ogryn with his meta weapons. The bleed through shield gimmick was needless and if you want to kill Ogryn taking heavy attack bleed over heavy weight is a massive mistake.

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From memory shovel it works quite well on since it procs per enemy hit and you mostly alternate light heavy for hordes with shovel. Paul special attack also gets a stack for every enemy staggered by its huge explosion radius so it’s kinda nice there too if you want to weave in occasional heavies for extra horde clear.

i wouldnt say ogryn is weaker because of this, but i for one used and loved the fully charged infinite cleave talent and i wish that was still in his kit. the problem w/ this is the popular weapon for this class is cleaver and i doubt anyone is gonna be charged that heavy.

i use lot of bully club and shovel and fully charging was something i used effectively and VERY often. i understand why its gone, but i wish it was still in his kit maybe as a hidden passive for the few ppl that used it

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I just realised that raging bull probably applies the damage bonus only to the first enemy hit so yes, it’s for sure a good option for the paul and shovel, i like to spam hevies in the horde anyway with paul.

Removal of that talent hurt some weapons which lack cleave, like shovel. I don’t understand why they didn’t just replace one of the other talents in that column, they are more semi anyway, basically do more damage if you are hit or hit few things.

No actually they fixed that so it applies to everything you cleave now. Raging Bull is still always a safe option.

No. Shovel doesn’t do any damage beyond the 3rd enemy cleaved. You aren’t gonna fully charge heavies just to do zero damage to even more enemies. That feat literally didn’t have a use case. Maybe, and this is a stretch, it might have been OK to try to scum as many Haymaker procs as possible with Bully Club.

cant say has no use case. bleed, blessings like haymaker will hurt everything u cleave. example, haymaker procs every enemy u cleave individually. thats alot of dps

Really? I wish you could pack horde enemies closer in the holo to test this easier.

I mentioned haymaker bully club as possibly 1 use case. That’s 1 specific weapon with 1 specific blessing and only really better than looping light heavy more quickly in extreme density. Bleed presupposes you’re running bleed feat and uhhhh, you shouldn’t. Heavy Weight is too cracked to pass up and cluster box has some use cases (I’d take it over bleed as well but not by as wide a margin).

Yeah wish it was in damage tables. Lots of weird stuff like Caxe light attacks dealing at least some damage infinitely throughout its cleave while the push attack doesn’t damage past 3rd enemy. Lots of pretty unintuitive stuff.

But you need to chain heavies for it to proc if i understood correctly how it works, it’s available only to club, so you need to “waste” with a strikedown, even if it procs you most likley would have done more dps with normal chain attack

Pretty sure the stacks stay active a while and apply to all attacks while active so light heavy loop would work well for it I imagine.

I wish fatshark would show us the icons of the blessings stacks so evrithyg would be more clear how it works…


My god yes UI indicators for active blessing is probably in my top 5 wanted updates currently. Had to test in meat grinder to work out if swapping off a slaughterer melee to ranged then back again resets stacks (it doesn’t). Would have been real easy to know that with a buff indicator.


Good that mods are a thing now. Think they already had one to show blessing activations.

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