Recap of the last 3 games

First game starts out by one player being pummeled to death by an assassin before we even enter the game. The screen is black and we can all hear the assassin and as we enter he is dead and not a second after we begin to move forward the most forward player drops with an assassin attached to his face with no warning or any jump - It spawned there.

Two minutes later a patrol magically appears in the middle of a horde. Everybody sees the patrol appear mid battle. which then wipes.

Second game a whirlwind is cast without warning there is no windup. We narrowly see the circle on the ground before it goes of - again no wind up it just goes off instantly and wipes half the team.

Third game engineer can’t quick switch from ranged to melee once the gun has been emptied and needs to be reloaded. He can only switch once the pistol is full again.

One player gets taken by hook rat while two players attack it but two more hook rats appear and get both players as the rats appear just behind each player. Last player runs towards the rats and empties the default engineer gun into the back of the head of the first rat that is heisting a player onto the pole but it doesnt die and now he can’t switch weapons to melee and his is out of bullets so GG.

Just how broken is this game?!?!?!?!?!?!

How the F*** can steam reviews be positive ?

Probably worth to record these incidents if true because this is most definitely not normal in the games I’m hosting.
Sure I’ve seen stupid stuff like storms casted trough walls and windows but multiple games in row yeah no.


This kind of funny stuff would have happened at release, but most of it has been long patched. Some of the people here spend an absurd amount of hours in the game and would notice the things that you mentioned. As suggested, it would help to record these events, but also to give more details about what is actually going on. What difficulty are you playing? Are there any deed mutators active or is twitch mode turned on? Were you joining a game in progress or starting a run from scratch?

Actually no,as far as patrol spawns being fixed go. They can still bug out and spawn ontop of you, albeit more rarely, and it also occur that the patrols get stuck and all the whole bunch stacks up into the same spot looking like 1-2 of them lag-dancing there. But with patrol sounds going if lucky.

Then when you go near them the 1-2 splits into 12 chaos warriors or whatever they are.


Instant silent storms isnt something i´ve encountered though, but reload bugs might occur and i would not be surprised at all. Several ranged weapons still have bugs/poor functionality when it comes to switching weapons quickly at times.

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Yes, patrols can be bugged or stuck in a spot, but they mentioned this specifically:

What can happen is that the patrol spawns normally, then proceeds along its path and bumps into the players without any sound cues, probably due to the horde and specials drowning it out. I’ve seen this happen, but an uncompressed hasn’t occurred to me in a very long time.

I can confirm the issue with patrols. Happened several times recently, esp. on War Camp (after the 1st Tome drop), a Chaos patrol just popped up in the middle of the area, without any sound and immediatly starts attacking. I do not record my games either, but you should be able to reproduce it in a few runs on this map.

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I have seen patrols facespawning since Engi patch, and although I can’t seem to find it at the moment I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a video capture of it in the Bugs reports.
I have seen Storms being cast “underground”, meaning the green circle was clipping through terrain instead of overlaying it ; but again not more than a couple of times.

Those were definitely patched at some point but Engi patch reintroduced some bugs - I think a wrong project branch was pulled and/or there were merge issues that overwrote the fixes ; and even though this is a proper F move I understand how it could’ve happened with the Chaos Wastes being WIP and all.

It still happens, almost had a stormvermin patrol spawn ontop of me on the fort yesterday x)

And lets face it, basically a large number of the major bugs tend to come back time and time again, fixes dont seem to last long for many of them.

Well the tone could indeed be calmer, but my point was that he could be playing entirely normally and still encounter those bugs.

As for specials being out of hand, its just AI director having seizures at times, like spawning assassins nonstop whenever one dies for quite a while. Its rare though and i havent figured what triggers it.

Bugs return for sure, but I don’t think the overall experience is as hyperbolic as made apparent in the opening post, which is why I suggested that more details be given. On other forums for example you have scores of players complaining about “specials being out of hand”, but I couldn’t for the life of me notice anything unusual in my games.

I kind of agree.
Bugs definitely happen, if you pay attention they occur at least once per map.
They are very frustrating when they negatively impact you and you notice them, but the thing is they mostly and usually are a slight annoyance and quite easily circumvented.
Blightstormers casting through walls are a pain if you get caught in the storm, but often you can quite easily stay clear of it.
I stop and become paranoid at the beginning of an assassin’s sound queue, and rarely get caught.
Facespawns are usually facepalming moments but nothing too grave.
Backstab wooshes not playing are easily among the top most annoying bugs in my experience and opinion, the single most crippling one at the moment being the mess with the game not registering inputs properly, because I just can’t play.

Facespawning patrols I can probably count with my 1 hand in my entire 1000 odd hours. Now I’m not saying it does not ever happen, but this is the kind of thing that really need some videos to thoroughly analyze.

On the other hand patrols being stuck for some reason is bit more common in my experience. Easily reproduceable for me has been horn of magnus market, right after the barrel event. I tend to see beastman patrols stuck in that specific spot nearly every time.

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