Game feels unstable now

I’m not sure what happened between the beta and the now current live version of the game but it feels so wrong now. I opted out of the beta after 3 weeks but I was sick of waiting for hotfixes that never came and it was taking ages to go live.

Some random issues:
-Players can still clip through the floor after a short drop down and instantly die (even though the patch notes said it was fixed). This occurred last night on Convocation of Decay and Empire in Flames. I was the one that died both times after dropping down at full hp, no wounds, and no enemies around.

-Patrols are not spawning appropriately and sometimes either spawns completely static (not moving or making sounds) or right in front of you in an instant (even though the patch notes said it was fixed)

-Enemies, whether ambient or horde/ambush type, will sometimes ignore 3 of the players and run towards one player. This happened twice in the same game. First the enemies were running past my friends and aiming for me. They all stood still and no enemy even bothered to attack them. Then later in the map, all of the enemies started ignoring me + 2 friends and went after the host. This is by far the weirdest thing I have ever experienced in this game. It seriously made us feel like we had somehow gone invisible because of the way the rats had been taking turns ignoring us. No one had invisibility abilities. I was WHC, host was Merc, and the two others were Pyro and Slayer. Map was Screaming Bell.

-I reported specials spawning and not moving a while ago but now it seems to be affecting all enemy types. I stood in front of this packmaster for 3 minutes and he just stood there. My friend and I even pushed him and nothing. It was like his AI just completely broke down.
Below the screenshot from this morning were some neked rats and a hookrat were just chilling:

I seriously don’t know what’s going on but game just feels completely unstable. It’s hard to play when the AI completely breaks down.

I won’t be playing for a while until it gets fixed because it’s completely unplayable for me at the moment. I love this game. Hope the devs can figure out what’s going on.

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No that grim location have just pathfinding broken but otherwise its stable way more stable than 2.0

The pathfinding is indeed broken in that location and on some other maps aswell, but a hook standing still and making no sounds also happens in parts where their pathfinding works.

There are plenty of bugs going around at the moment

  • client having bosses fall trough the floor and still attacking
  • assassin’s pouncing on players trough walls
    -bosses ignoring stagger ults (this is an old one still happening sometimes)
  • way more no woosh sounds, except on running attack enemies
  • All the usual bugs that have been in the game for years and what op said, the patrol thing is super annoying, you play a map perfectly and then a patrol facespawns/insta aggro’s or gets stuck and you wipe a run if it’s in a bad situation/twitch or dhdd deeds.

The only one of these I’ve run into personally is the enemies standing still one. Had everyone down but a handmaiden on halescourge and she was running to come grab us and there was a chaos warrior just facing a wall completely ignoring everything lol.

That’s not the point. Enemies have become more and more static regardless of what map was being played.

That was just the only screenshot I manage to get.

Other maps where I had static enemies:
Old Haunts
Empire in Flames
Hunger in the Dark
Righteous Stand
Screaming Bell
Festering Ground

The point of this post is that the game is completely borked for whatever reason and completely ruins the fun for me. It played better outside of the beta before the beta went live.

I guess I’ll just uninstall game and wait for a fix. The game isn’t fun when the enemy’s AI doesn’t work properly.

It doesn’t matter to me. I have other games to play that actually work :smiley:

Seconding all that.
Sound is still really broken - missing backstab and footstep sounds, specials spawning and having sound for a little bit, then suddenly being silent, etc.

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Sounds have been messed up for a while now. It’s getting pretty ridiculous. A lot of the “fixes” that are listed in the patch notes have not been fixed at all but was made 10x worse!

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Could you highlight which patch note this is? I can’t find it to confirm.

-Patrols are not spawning appropriately and sometimes either spawns completely static (not moving or making sounds) or right in front of you in an instant (even though the patch notes said it was fixed)

I did write the notes and recall this being one specific patrol, if there are cases of others we’d need to know which ones (map, rough area).

We’ll look in to the other reports. if anyone has similar them drop them here so we get a clearer picture. .

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Listed under General Tweaks & Fixes

The only one I remember was on Into the Nest. I saw a static Stormvermin on the top of the 2nd half of the bottom stairs leading into water wheel room (where you have to flip a switch to progress to the next area and unlock grim). I went down the stairs to screenshot it and an entire patrol had then manifested itself right in front of me and instantly killed me as this was on Cata. Never got the screenshot because as soon as the patrol spawned the static stormvermin had came to life. There were others but I can’t remember them.

This is exactly why I had to uninstall the game. The AI spawns and AI behavior is super wonky and game breaking for me to play. I left the beta 3 weeks in and just played the live version until the beta officially released. I can absolutely say that the gameplay has suffered tremendously and it’s not as fun as it used to be and that pains me to say that.

This is, or was, my favorite game to play.


This one refers to items that drop through the floor/disappear when a player dies. It was a common complaint as well :slight_smile:


Well I hate to break it to you but players are still getting instant killed from the game’s design of dropping down and clipping through the floor… when is that going to be fixed?

Thank you for saving the items from clipping through the floor… because that is so clearly more important than saving the actual player from clipping through the floor…

Is it going to get fixed or do I have to wait 6 months before the game actually works?

One was common for hosts and clients. The other is a much more niche occurrence typically caused by latency exclusive to clients and requires a bunch of work on any map where it happens. For the most part people just report they it happens and often omit the where (which is most key).

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Well, lucky you if you can at least play it at some decent gfx settings. Post patch I can only do potato mode because otherwise I get garbage performance.

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Have you tried turning both Shadow options off? There’s a thread about it and has had dramatic performance improvements for quite a few folk it seems.

Yes, at this point if I do potato mode it runs as it did before. But that’s the thing, I don’t want to play it in potato mode. I used to play at near max settings and doing around 165 fps @ QHD with dips to 90 during horde.

Now after solving that new stutterfest issue, If I used old settings I get like 100 fps with same settings and then dip to 30-40 during horde, which si unplayable on very high difficulty. And just feels like garbage, I’m not playing the game at 30 fps, as I was 20 years back Crash Bandicoot on PS1 :frowning:

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