Reasons why ogryn is the best (humor)

Just lvled up my zealot to 30 and have swapped to ogryn and man am i loving it;

  1. You can btchslap ragers out of their attack with the bully club special. Heck you can btchslap mobs around and the sound is just amazing.

  2. You can chuck a box at a dudes head and chunk him down (or kill him outright). Nothing beats doming a plague ogryn with a metal box.

  3. Everybody loves chopping a heretic in half right? Well, the ogryn can do that one-handed, with a (ogryn-sized) knife!

  4. Explosive punches with the gauntlet is always satisfying

  5. Have i mentioned you can b*tchslap stuff around with the bully club special?

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Uppercut (with the combat knives / shovel) also calms them down a bit. I also apprieciete all those little extra animations they added. If you punch Crushers, then you get a unique animation which shows it actually hurt your ogryn, a bit.