Really frustrated

Already put a tech support ticket in and sent my crash log but I’m seriously getting fed up with constant crashes. I can finish 1 out of 10 games maybe. Which means no progress is given for the time spent playing and no rewards. I’m close to uninstalling and going for a refund. This is unacceptable for a “finished” game.

Honestly if you are crashing that much (9/10 games) you should just stop until they address this. It may have something to do with your computer specifically. The game runs fine on my computer and has only crashed once in the 70+ hours I’ve played it.


I had this issue a lot also, for me I switch game setting to DX12 from DX11, then the often crashes are gone now. I am not sure if that works for you but you can try.(You might experience framerate drop)

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I was saying I am not sure but you can try, sorry,lol.

Already tried to switch to direct x 11, no change. Reinstalled game, direct x, and video card drivers still crashing

I’ve only crashed maybe 6 times in 100+ hours. I’ve had one friend that keeps crashing, but he crashes on other games too. Other than that my other friends have crashed about once per 10 hours or so. I think this problem is unique to your setup/something on your computer if you are crashing that much and you’ve done all you say you did.

Only thing you can do then is full clean your computer (virus sweep + malwarebytes + ccleaner), hope, and if you still have problems post in the BUGS area with a dxdiag readout and as much information as you can give them along with all the steps you’ve taken…as honestly and thoroughly as possible.

This particular subforum is for feedback though, not bugs like you are encountering. So while we can try to offer advice, this really isn’t the place for it so you’ll likely get less technical people here on average and it’ll also likely be buried soon as this again is not the place for it.

underclock your gpu then, and check your cpu/gpu temperatures

Are you trying to watch Netflix while playing? Had this problem when netflix tries to switch to the next episode. Seems like a problem with your system because no one else I know of is having that many crashes.

Try a clean removal of your video drivers and update with latest.

Nothing else is running while I play and max temps on my video card are 67C, I have a fury X water cooled. No other game I play has this issue, in fact I’ve never had a game crash this often I don’t think. A friend I play with also crashes sometimes but not nearly as often. If it was on my end I believe I have done everything to try to fix it short of wiping my drives and doing a new windows install which I am really not keen on. I am not really here looking for answers, I already put a help ticket in like I said this was more of a frustrated rant/ my feedback but thank you for some ideas on how I could fix the issue.

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