Reached Level 30, but no Cosmetic in my inventory

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Issue Description:

I reached Level 30 first time and my Accessoire Cosmetic is not available.


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Germany, dont know the time.

Pretty sure it’s in stances not accessories

No, it is not.

Oh weird it was for me when I hit 30.

I can tell you I looked 5 times everywhere. Its not there. :smiley:

My cosmetics tab has a permanent yellow marker despite me painstakingly equipping every cosmetic. Possibly pre order cosmetics that aren’t actually visible to me or something I dunno. Suffice to say cosmetics menu seems a bit buggy generally.

Well, that sucks. I mean, cosmetics arent the most important thing to fix, but would be nice to get a dev reaction.
When I have a Hunt Showdown problem I 100% got answered and problem fixes. Fatshark has a tendency of non reaction.

Hello! Have you checked in your Weapon Trinkets section?

  1. Pick any weapon in your inventory
  2. Hit ‘V’ to open the weapon cosmetic menu
  3. Go to the second tab