LVL 30 bug

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Leveled up to lvl 30 with my psyker and now I have a cosmetic that I can’t find (yellow dot is by the tab). It didn’t give me the penance that I reached level 30 and I don’t seem to have the insignia to put next to my icon.


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This is a common bug. It’s been that way for all of my characters since level 1 on day 1.

Did you get the imperial edition? I think I read something about it being related to the cosmetic dot, but can’t recall where and don’t have a source.

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Or maybe this? I actually just found this on Reddit. Apparently if your have VT2, you might get extra cosmetics.

I did buy the imperial edition. I wonder how to get the additional cosmetics to unlock. Do I need to launch VT2?

I don’t think there’s anything to unlock in terms of the Imperial edition and the cosmetics bug. I think the bug is that the dot exists when it shouldn’t.

If you have VT2, the cosmetics are actually for character models (to make them look like Kruber n Co.) I think if you stop by the Barber Shop and check to see if you can give your character Kerrilians black eyes then that means you have it unlocked. If not I think you have to reach out to FatShark.v

Reaching level 30 does not give an insignia if I recall correctly, but a weapon trinket called the imperial rosetta or something along those lines. You can equip weapon trinkets by picking any weapon, opening the cosmetics view and then heading to the second tab.

What about the dot in the cosmetics tab of the inventory that never goes away? I think that’s what the OP was talking about

I figured out the trinket thing and Quickpaw is correct. There is still the issue of the cosmetic dot will not go away on my psyker. It only shows if there is something new for my other classes but on my psyker it is just always on. I have gone through and selected everything as well.

That’s not the issue. This is:

That dot doesn’t go away, it only appears for the first lv30 character.


Oh, aye, fair enough, my bad!

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Thanks for this. I didn’t think about uploading a screenshot about it!