Re-blessing is another Failshark blunder

The fact you cant take blessings from one lasgun type and apply them to another (for example), is f*cking absurd. The crafting in this game is such a joke, that it would of been better to never include it or weapon upgrades at all.

The entire system of “loot” (if you can call it that) in this game is insulting, and this is just icing on the cake.


It’s partially spaghetti in how they implemented blessings. Even if they have the same name and in a few cases the same description, they are different on different weapons. For example Infernus between recon and infantry lasguns/pistols and Opening salvo has some big differences between lasguns and autoguns.

TL:DR: Their underlying framework is a mess and they’ll be elbow deep in that for a long time.


The worst one is the Psyker staves, again. They only have like 2 or 3 unique blessings and the rest shared, but they don’t have access to any of their shared ones. Purge literally only has the blessings common to the rest, but its still a unique inventory flag.

Are we just trying to 40k larp and chastise psykers for playing this game at every opportunity?


Core game design - is to make players waste as much as possible on nonsense. Have fun in missions and pretend that other parts of the game does not exists.


Psykers just feel ill thought out overall.

I find psykers strong and fun to play, but Ogryns just don’t work for me. It might be a playstyle thing.

On the topic of crafting system however I do agree with OP. It is limitating in nature and frustrating to use and it badly needs a fix.

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Absolutely, let’s all point and laugh children.

Seriously though. The squishy psykers that I play with are some of the most talented and survivable players I have ever seen. You frequently impress.

What kills me is that the Surge and Purge staffs literally share the EXACT SAME BLESSINGS yet it’s counted as unique. I mean yeah sure it’s a small pool so you might eventually get the T4 you wanted but if i already have focused channeling on a surge staff that should just apply to all of them since it’s literally no different.

Same with run and gun on all weapons that can get it. If a blessing is different then it should have a different name.

They have just absolutely made a mess of this system from the word go.

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