Razer mouse click turbo (or macro, not technically true) function doesn't work in the game. Is this how it should be, or?

Since Vermintide 2 demands you to smash your left click very often, I figure that I would very much want to do less clicking to save my finger and preserve my mouse for long-term usage. By enabling the Turbo function on my Razer application, I can bind the left click into the side button and then hold down that button to let the game do the slashing endlessly without hurting my finger and my mouse. But, it seems that in DT, it does not work, as the game will only trigger the attack randomly or completely ignore my input. May I ask why is this no longer possible? I seriously doubt EAC is behind this.

Hey I had the same issue.

I fixed it by recording an actual macro of me clicking the mouse and setting that to one of my side buttons.

Make sure you have the macro module downloaded and installed in your razer synapse.

Let me know if you need any more clarifications!