Macro use for mouse-clicks. Will Easy Anti-Cheat ban me for this?

I love Vermintide and Vermintide 2, but can’t play without mouse macros because quick repeated mouse-clicks makes my RSI flare up.

Tried googling this and there seems to be some issues with AutoHotkey, which I use, and Easy Anti-Cheat.
Macro users have been banned in another game with EAC, Rust.
And from what I read getting un-banned by EAC for something like this is a major hassle, if not impossible.

Would really appriciate a Fatshark answer on this.

Is macro use allowed/possible without getting banned?

Haven’t asked EAC about this because it seems they don’t answer any questions regarding the operation of their software.
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The sad truth is, as there’s no easy way to verify if people actually have the injury/disability they claim they do, making an exception for anyone who claimed to have a disability would open the door for all unscrupulous people to abuse the system and just claim they were disabled when in actuality they were just using the macros to cheat.

That being said, having played Rust, I know there were super specific things people abused with macros in it, like ignoring recoil and stuff. Is there really any comparable reason to blacklist hotkeys in VT2?

What kind if mouse do you have? For example with a Logitech mouse and the software you can set your mouse to perform several times clicks on click or on button hold. Im 100% sure if it can be detected but i don’t think so.